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Who am I? (not seriously...)

I am a graduate student in the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science, Electrical Department at Memorial University. I am doing a medical engineering program. My research is in the area of gait analysis. I am currently in the market for a job. So if you hear of anything please let me know about it. I've posted my resume, check it out. I have a couple of Job Search links. Feel free to check them out.

I have lived in St. John's, Canada, for quite a while now, lets see it's about 14 years straight now. I spent two years here when I was younger before heading back to India for four years. So I've been here for 16 years in total.

I am involved in a million and one different things. Among these things is my involvment with MUN Christian Fellowship, the Engineering Graduate Student Society, and the Graduate Student Council.

One of the most interesting things that I was involved in was Campolo '96. Dr. Tony Campolo was here March of 1996. Check out this page for info!!! This link will be moved in April (1996) to a new location.

Urbana 96 is coming up this year. Check it out!!!!

I am not the usual C/C++ programmer extrodinaire but I try my best. I have also programmed in Fortran, Pascal and VHDL. I scammed a few useful sites from a friend's home page. Have fun browsing through them.

Okay, I'll admit it - I am a Macintosh fan. Click to see some great Mac sites including files, newsletters, and propaganda!

I have placed my interesting stuff links in this page. It's the one that gets used the most!

And last but not least I do have a few friends who have awesome home pages as well.

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