Memorial University's first satellite

Under the guidance of engineering professors Dr. Weimin Huang, Dr. Oscar De Dilva and C-CORE's vice-president of remote sensing Desmond Power our team of engineering students will work until launch in 2020 - 2021 to design, build and test a 2U CubeSat space satellite. The satellite will be used to measure thickness of sheet ice, and will be capable of data transmission to a ground station.

Set to launch 2020 - 2021

Our Subsystem Teams

The team consists of six main subsystems that span a variety of engineering disciplines. our student members will get to work on technologies that are both cutting edge, and relevant to engineering industries.


Radio technology to communicate commands, and retrieve information from the satellite

Power Systems

Battery and solar technologies to maintain function of all systems

Attitude Control

Electromagnetic field technologies to orientate the satellite for both mission control connection, and positioning of payload


Mechanical structure to contain all systems with proper spacing, size, and fixtures


Sensing and imaging technologies for sheet ice research of Atlantic and Arctic waters

Mission Control

Control systems, command and data management and ground control operations

Killick-1 CubeSat Team

Get in touch

For information about sponsorship, inquiries about research uses, or to get involved with the team contact Desmond Power or Dr. Weimin Huang

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