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Engineering 4862 Microprocessors

Spring 2007

Instructor: Cheng Li, EN-4012, 737-8972,

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[2007.07.28]: Format of questions for final exam:
Short Answer: 15 points
Decoding and Encoding: 40 points
Analysis : 10 points
Design Question: 45 points
--------------- ---------
Total: 110 points

[2007.7.24]: Exam time: July 31, 2007 2:00-4:30pm in EN-1020
Office Hour: July 31, 2007 morning 9:30-12:30pm in EN-4012.

[2007.7.24]: Some previous final exams have been posted under the Assignment Page.

[2007.7.24]: Chapters in the text that will be covered in the final exam include:
Chapter 0: Introduction to computing
Section 0.1: Numbering and coding systems
Section 0.2: Inside the computer
Section 0.3: Brief history of the CPU

Chapter 1: The 80x86 Microprocessors
Section 1.1: Brief history of the 80x86 family
Section 1.2: Inside the 8086/8088
Section 1.3: Introduction to assembly language programming
Section 1.4: Introduction to program segments
Section 1.5: More about segments in the 80x86
Section 1.6: 80x86 addressing modes

Chapter 2: Assembly Language Programming
Section 2.1: Directives and sample program
Section 2.2: Assemble, link and run a program
Section 2.3: more sample programs
Section 2.4: control transfer instructions
Section 2.5: data types and data definition
Section 2.6: simplified segment definition
Section 2.7: exe vs. com files

Chapter 3: Arithmatic and Logic Instructions and Programs
Section 3.1: Unsigned addition and subtraction
Section 3.3: Logic instructions and sample programs
Section 3.4: BCD and ASCII operands and instructions
Section 3.5: Rotate instructions

Chapter 4: BIOS and DOS programming in assembly and C
Section 4.1: BIOS INT 10H programming
Section 4.2: DOS interrupt 21H
Section 4.3: INT 16H Keyboard programming

Chapter 6: Signed numbers, Strings and tables
Section 6.1: Signed number arithmatic operations
Section 6.2: String and table operations

Chapter 9: 8088, 80286 microprocessors an ISA bus
Section 9.1: 8088 microprocessor
Section 9.2: 8284 and 8288 supporting chips
Section 9.3: 8-bit section of ISA bus

Chapter 10: Memory and memory interfacing
Section 10.1: Semiconductor memory fundamentals
Section 10.2: memory address decoding
Section 10.3: IBM PC memory map
Section 10.6: ISA bus memory interfacing

Chapter 11: I/O and the 8255: ISA bus interfacing
Section 11.1: 8088 input/output instructions
Section 11.2: I/O address decoding and desgin
Section 11.3: I/O address map of x86 PCs
Section 11.4: 8255 PPI chip
Section 11.7: 8-bit and 16-bit I/O timing in ISA bus

Chapter 12: Interfacing to the PC, LCD, Motro, ADC, and secsor
Section 12.3: Interfacing DAC to a PC
Section 12.4: Interfacing ADC and sensors to the PC

Chapter 13: 8253/54 Timer and Music
Section 13.1: 8253/54 Timer description and initialization
Section 13.2: IBM PC 8253/54 Timer connections and programming
Section 13.4: Shape of 8253/54 outputs

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