My Students

(I) Graduate Students (currently under supervision)
1. Bian, Tao Energy Efficient Multi-Channel Wireless Sensor Networks
2. Bonnell, David (Co-Supervisor) Effectiveness of DSP Techniques in Non-linear ADC Systems
3. Rumbolt, Chuck (Co-Supervisor) Combined Turbo Coding and Space-Time Coding Research in Wireless Communications
4. Wang, Pu Robust Routing and Coding Algorithms in Wireless Sensor Networks
5. Kaur, Jaspreet Multicast Protocol and Architecture Studies for Ad-Hoc and Sensor Networks
6. Liu, Yuting (Co-Supervisor) Network-on-Chip (NoC) Design and Implementation of Advanced Algorithm for Parallel Processors
7. King, Peter (Co-Supervisor) Advanced Underwater Communication for Sea Floor Applications

(II) Graduate Students (graduated)
1. Gao, Weihua (Co-Supervisor) Pulse Shape Design for Ultra Wideband (UWB) Communications
2. Wu, Ling Reconfigurable Buffer Sharing for High-Speed Data Switches
3. Wang, Tianqi Software Defined Radio (SDR) Receiver Architecture for Composite Radio Environment
4. Cui, Yang Hardware MP3 Music Converter
5. Gao, Fei Network Simulator NS-2 for Network Level Switch Performance
6. Yi, Bin Real World Email Traffic Simulators
7. Yue, Yuanqiu Queuing Model for a Service-Oriented Event Routing System
8. Wang, Pu An Embedded System Design Approach Toward a USB Host for Massive High-Speed Data Exchange
9. He, Liangjie Network Emulation and Internetworking of Wireless Sensors
10. Zhang, Qiyun Comparison and Analysis of Maximum Life-time Clustering Algorithms for Wireless Sensor Networks

(III) Undergraduate Students (currently under supervision)
1. Kong, Jiasi A CSMA/CA Wireless Network Based Training System

(IV) Undergraduate Students (graduated)
1. Kevin King FPGA Implementation of a Residential Emergency Water Shutdown System
2. Muthu K. Gandi FPGA-Based System Development: High-Speed Video and Audio Communication
3. Wei Song Dancing Machine
4. Mathew Smyth Intelligent Climate Control Unit
5. Michael Bradley (Co-Supervised with J. Anderson) Design of an Electric Instrument Digital Sampler and Looper
6. Scott Gamman 3D Object Scanning Using Video Analysis
7. Jotiban Chanchai Automated Test Generation for Digital Designs
8. Li, Kun USB Mass Storage Controller for Digital Cameras (Phase II)
9. Legge, Cathane USB Mass Storage Controller for Digital Cameras
10. Martin, Daryl Embedded Linux Router using Hardware Pre-Routing
11. Tubrett, Jonathan Digital Weight Measuring Device

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