Researchers/Post-doctoral fellows


1.       Dr. Sina Khoshabi Nobar, Energy Harvesting for Internet-of-Things, Dec. 2017 Present (Cosupervision with Dr. S. Mahmoud, Carleton University)

2.       Dr. Mohammad Arifuzzaman, Underwater sensor networks, Sept. 2015 Mar 2016 (Cosupervision with Dr. O. Dobre and Dr. T. Ngatched) (completed)

3.       Dr. Ebrahim Bedeer, Signal processing for faster than Nyquist transmission, Sept. 2015 May 2017 (Cosupervision with Dr. H. Yanikomeroglu, Carleton University) (completed)

4.       Dr. Mohamed Fathy Feteiha, Non-Traditional Modulation Schemes for Higher Throughput + Cooperative Communication Systems, Nov. 2014 Aug. 2015 (completed)

5.       Dr. Osama Amin, Energy-Efficient Resource Allocation Techniques, July 2013 June 2014 (completed)

6.       Dr. Georgios I. Tsiropoulos, Resource Management in Cognitive Radio Networks, Mar. 2013 Present, (Cosupervision with Dr. O. Dobre)

7.       Dr. Mohammad Azim, Wireless Sensor Networks for Forest Monitoring, Oct. 2010 Sept. 2011 (completed)

8.       Dr. Salama Ikki, Cooperative Diversity and Privacy of Mobile Phone Communications, Sep. 2008 Feb. 2009 (completed)

9.       Dr. Abderrazek Abdaoui, Cooperative MIMO systems, July Aug. 2008 (completed)

10.    Mahmoud Elsayes, Call Admission Control in CDMA, Mar. 2005 May 2005 (completed)


Ph.D. Students


1.     Majid Khoshafa, Physical Security in Device-to-Device Communication, Sep. 2017 present (cosupervision with Dr. T. Ngatched)

2.     Mohamed Amir Khalil, Cashing Resource Management, Sep. 2016 - present

3.     Wasan Farahat, Scheduling for Embedded Systems in Internet-of-Things (IoT), Sep. 2016 - present

4.     Mohammed Younis Abdelsadek, Resource Allocation in Cognitive Radio Networks, Jan. 2016 present

5.     Hafez Moawad Seliem, Multipath Routing in Vehicular Adhoc Networks, Sept. 2015 present (cosupervision with Dr. M. Shehata)

6.     Mohamed El-Sersy, Optimal Placement for Wireless Sensor Networks, Sept. 2013 present (cosupervision with Dr. M. Shehata) (graduated)

7.     Wajdi Alrawajfeh, Norm Identification and Normative Reasoning in BDI Agent, May 2013 Aug. 2015 (cosupervision with Dr. Jian Tang) (graduated)

8.     Somayeh Kafaie, Cooperative Network Coding, Jan. 2013 present (Cosupervision with Y. Chen and Dr. O. Dobre)

9.     Fatemeh Mansourkiaie, Collision Minimization in Wireless Sensor Networks, Sept. 2010 Dec. 2015 (graduated)

10.  Ebrahim Bedeer, Optimal Link Adaptation for Multicarrier Communication Systems, Sept. 2009 Aug 2014 (Cosupervision with Dr. O. Dobre) (graduated)

11.  Hala Moustafa, Detection Techniques for Alternate-Relaying Cooperative Communication Systems, May 2009 Apr. 2014 (cosupervision with Dr. O. Dobre) (graduated)

12.  Aslinda Hassan, Vehicular Ad-Hoc Networks, Sep. 2008 Apr. 2014 (cosupervision with Dr. M. A. Rahman) (graduated)

13.  Salama Ikki, Performance Analysis of Cooperating Techniques in Cooperative Diversity Networks, Sep. 2005 Sep. 2008 (graduated)


M.Eng. Students


1.     Adam Noel, Satellite-based Remote Sensing Systems, M. Eng., Sept. 2015 present (cosupervision with Dr. M. Shehata)

2.     Ahmed Soliman, Imageary Sensors for Inettligent Transportation Systems, Sept. 2015 present (cosupervision with Dr. M. Shehata)

3.     Farah AlQawasma, Optimal Node Placement in Wireless Sensor Networks for Structural Health Monitoring, Jan. 2015 Sep. 2016 (Cosupervision with Dr. Tarek Elfouly, Qatar University) (graduated)

4.     Walid Jerjawi, Spectrum Sharing in OFDM Cognitive Radio Systems, M. Eng., Sept. 2009 April 2014 (cosupervision with Dr. O. Dobre) (graduated)

5.     Talha Rasheed, User Pairing in Cooperative Network Coding, M. Eng., Sept. 2009 Dec. 2011 (cosupervision with Dr. O. Dobre) (graduated)

6.     Rabie Almatarnah, Resource Allocation in OFDMA-based Systems, M.Eng., May 2007 Aug. 2010 (cosupervision with Dr. O. Dobre) (graduated)

7.     Al-Abbass Al-Habashnah, Wireless Sensor Networks for Environmental Applications, M.Eng., Sep. 2007 April 2010 (cosupervision with Dr. T. Husain) (graduated)

8.     Hao Chen, Throughput Analysis in Cooperative Diversity Networks, M.Eng., May 2007 Sept. 2008 (cosupervised with Dr. R. Venkatesan) (graduated)

9.     Tianqi Wang, Adaptive Channel Estimation and Frequency Domain Channel Equalization in DS-CDMA/OFDM Composite Radio Environment for Software Defined Radio Receivers, Sep. 2004 May 2007 (cosupervision with Dr. C. Li) (graduated)

10.  Jason Lee, Adaptive BLAST for Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) Antenna, Memorial University of Newfoundland, Jan. 2004 Oct. 2005 (graduated)

11.  Imran Syed, Radio Resources Management in Broadband Wireless Mesh Networks, M.Eng., (cosupervision with Dr. H. Yanikomeroglu), Carleton University, Jan. 2001-Dec. 2003 (graduated)