These are lecture slides in power point or word format as well as examples which may be rose model files or java code or zippped up archives containing mixes of the same

Power Point Slides

The names are largely self explanatory

The Development Process.ppt

Use Cases.ppt: Use cases define and drive the design.

ClassDiagrams.ppt: Introduction to class diagrams

classDiagramsP2.ppt: Continuation of lecture on class diagrams

Paperless Grade System.ppt: A closer look at a simple design

Interaction Diagrams.ppt: defining dynamics

The Connect4 Design Sequence

Here is a problem originally posed on a mid-term exam!

Here is a zip of the interim model as done in class together this year. It is not broken into model view but it does have an extensive sequence diagram.

The phase 2 release. The game has been fleshed out and now actually works. The representation is still crude and there is no way to change the game parameters, such as the number of squares. About 12 hours coding..


How to set Eclipse up on Windows XP to create your first project (not covered in class)

Using Swing in Eclipse's Visual Editor

Using Swing, Latrunculi example (Model & View not connected - focus on

Latrunculi, Model View fully connected

(and, although not shown in lecture here is the class diagram for Latrunculi)

Pattern Lectures (Word Format)

Design Patterns.doc introduction to design patterns.

State Pattern.doc The State pattern.

Queue The Queue example developed in class containing both a Rose petal file and a Java project with full Java code.

Creational Patterns.doc The Singleton, Abstract Factory, Factory Method & Prototype patterns.

Structural Patterns.doc. Composite, Facade, Proxy, Decorator

Listener and Model Viiew.Two important behavioural patterns featuring delegation

More Behavioral Patterns.doc The Iterator, Strategy, Visitor and Command patterns.


Remote Game Framework

Some links relating to RMI (provided courtesy of Theo Norvell)