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The Competition

So it's over. The fears and the tears are done. Mike, our oh so sympathetic cleaner has carted away the pizza boxes. The robots sit abandoned, the only ocupants of the senior computing lab. You can all get back to a normal life (well, normal student life).

Since we went quite late last night, the results didn't get tabulated right away. So who won? Well, do you remember the story of the tortoise and the hare - slow and sure wins the race. That fable holds a lot of truth. Even so, we didn't realize there was a snail entered in the race!

The entry from the Decepticons wasn't quick. But, oh my, she was robust.

First Place: Finished the course with no nudges. The Decepticons. (31mins. & .40 secs. !)

Second Place: Finished course with 2 nudges. !The A Team

Third Place: 5.5 way points. The H Bridge Burnouts.

Fourth Place: 5.5 way points, 3 nudges. Onamatopiea Automatapapas

Fifth Place: 3.5 way points. The Team with Only 4 People.

Sixth Place: (tie) 2 way points with two nudges. The Bluebots
                              1.5 way points. Red Menace a.k.a. Hank

Seventh Place: (tie) 1.5 way points but no judge. No Name 5
                                     1 way point. Johnny 5

Congratulations to all of you. Some of you perservered through quite extraordinary adversity and we think you can all take pride in what you've done and how far you've come.

Peer Evaluation Form

The peer evaluation form is posted as a pdf. Please fill it out, making sure you sign it (it is strictly confidential). Turn it in to either Dennis Peters or Michael Bruce-Lockhart. Best thing would be to put it in an envelope so you can slide it underneath the door if we're not in.

Returning Equipment

Please return your robots, toolskits and all other equipment and parts to Tom Pike by Friday, Dec. 3rd. Make sure you get checked off when you do. Groups that don't turn in their equipment on time will get incompletes in the course.

The Labs

Please see that all equipment and furniture is returned to its proper place by Wednesday, Dec. 1st. Mike would like to get in and give the lab a proper cleaning!