Project Design Lab in Electrical & Computer Engineering


Your individual log is worth 6% of your mark.

The project itself is worth 94%.

The marks for your trial and release points will be split as follows:

  1. performance—60%
  2. design—20%
  3. documentation—20%

Your final trial, design and documentation is worth 46% (split 60-20-20)..

Each of your first trial and interim release points is worth 12% (split 60-20-20).

Peer Evaluation

At the end of the project, every member of a team will be asked to indicate what they think the percentage contribution of each of their team members (including themselves) was to the project. If there are members of your team and you feel everyone contributed equally, you would assign each 20%.

The total contributions must add to 100% We will then calculate a peerEvaluation rating for every student by summing the scores assigned to them by all their team mates (but not their own rating of themselves) and normalizing it (dividing by 80 for a team of 5, 75 for a team of 4, etc.)

Individual marks for the project are assigned using the following formula

mark = projectMark/2 + projectMark/2*(peerEvaluation)

If everyone contributed equally, the peerEvaluation should be 1.0 for all team members and everyone will simply receive the project mark. On the other hand, team members who contributed more will receive a higher mark than those who contributed less.

Every student's peerEvaluation rating will be compared against how they rated their own contribution. In the case of serious discrepancies, the team will be interviewed and the instructors may then adjust the peerEvaluation ratings as a result.