Project Design Lab in Electrical & Computer Engineering


Do not try to assemble your own team. It will not be permitted.

Teams will be chosen your first week of classes by "drafting" (just like the pro sports teams do). First we will select a captain for each team. Then we will sequester the captains in a room where they will pick the teams according to the following algorithm:

  1. Draft order will be selected by lot
  2. The first round will proceed in the order determined by the lots. Captains must pick someone from the discipline opposite to their own. Thus, at the end of the first round each team will have one computer, and one electrical, engineer.
  3. The second round will proceed in the opposite order to the first round so that the team that picked last will pick first and the team which picked first will pick last. Students of either discipline may be picked.
  4. Subsequent rounds will go as the second except each time the order will be reversed relative to the previous round. The draft will continue until all students have been selected. No team may pass on a pick.

Although this may sound draconian, we have found that self-selected teams don't work very well. Inevetably there are one or two really weak teams and there is often a "dream team" that everyone in the class believes will wipe the floor with everyone else. There very rapidly develops a sense of unfairness. Interestingly, while the weak teams usually struggle, the "dream team" has seldom prospered either; sometimes from the clash of titanic egos, other times from ambition bordering on hubris.

Remember also that engineers generally don't self-select the people they work with. Most often, you are assigned on the fit of your skill set.


The team captains are:

Jonathan Anderson, Andrew Burke; Brad Eddy, Ryan Glynn, Uzma Khan, Joel Mercer, Andrew Oldford; Michael Power & Sarah Power.

Teams will be picked early in the week of Sept. 13th.

Once again, the captain's sole responsibility will be picking the teams.