1020: Introduction to Programming Fall 2017

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The lecturer is Dr. Mohamed Shehata. He will conduct the lectures and answer all questions about the course material or administration. His email is mshehata[at]mun.ca

The lab instructor is Lori Hogan. She will conduct the labs and will answer all questions about assignments. Her email is lehogan[at]mun.ca


Labs are held in EN3000/3029 according to the lab schedule that can be found here.

Course Outline

The course outline sheet can be found here


There is no required text book for this course. All of the information you need is on this website, but we have a specified a textbook in case you’d like to have another guide:

Problem Solving, Abstraction, and Design Using C++ by Friedman and Koffman.

Online and downloadable versions may be purchased from coursesmart.com. The bookstore has it bundled with a C++ reference at no extra cost. You aren't required to have the book (the online course material is sufficient), however you will probably find it a helpful resource.


Student-Instructor Expectations

The following link explains what is expected from you as a student and what is expected from me as an instructor


Cell Phone/Texting Policy

No Cell phones, texting, or social media of any kind allowed in class. Please turn your cell phones and refrain from texting/social media during class time