Pouria Shaker
"The secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources!"
-- Albert Einstein

Interests: software engineering, formal methods, software design analysis, aspect-oriented/component-based/model-driven software development

Masters Research

Together with Dr. Dennis K. Peters, we worked on a process for detecting concern interactions in Aspect-Oriented designs expressed in the UML and our domain specific weaving rule specification language (WRL). The process consists of two tasks: 1) a light-weight syntactic analysis of the AO model to reveal advice overlaps (e.g. instances where multiple advice applies to the same join point) as potential sources of interaction and 2) verification of desired model properties before and after weaving to confirm/reject findings of task 1 and/or to reveal new interactions. At the heart of task 2 is a weaving process that maps an unwoven Aspect-Oriented model to a behaviourally equivalent woven Object-Oriented model.