Qiyao Yu

Box 9, Faculty of Engineering, MUN,
St.John's, NFLD, Canada, A1B 3X5
(709)737-8856 (O), (416)471-8451 (Cell)
  To work in the field of multimedia communications (software implementation or digital hardware design)
  • 5 yrs programming experience in C++ and 3 yrs in Java.
  • Very good background in image/video processing and communications.
  • Extensive experience in large relational database application development.
  • Broad knowledge in computer networking.
  • Solid academic background in digital circuits design.
  • A fast learner and good team player.
  • Well organized, reliable and bondable.
Skills and Knowledge
  Programming: C/C++, Java, Oracle PL/SQL, Javascript/VBscript, VB, VHDL, 80x86 Assembly, Fortran, Matlab, PowerBuilder Script, LotusNotes Script, Perl
  OS: Unix, Dos, Windows 3.x/9.x/NT
  Networking: TCP/IP, Novell IPX, LAN/WAN, ATM, Network security, Switch fabric, H.323, RTP/RTCP, XML, CGI
  Others: H.261, MPEG-1/MPEG-2, CORBA, COM/OLE2/DCOM
  Master of Electrical and Computer Engineering (Expected)
Memorial University of Newfoundland (MUN), Canada
Area: Image Analysis; Thesis: "SAR Sea Ice Texture Classification And Segmentation"

Sept.1999 - Aug.2001
  Bachelor of Electronic Engineering
Tsinghua University, Beijing, China
Area: Communication Technologies and Information Systems
Sept.1992 - July 1997
  Research and Teaching Assistant
Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science (MUN) , Canada
Sept.1999 -
  • In project Implementation of a Pipelined DSP processor (3 persons), responsible for ALU and multiplier design and co-work on the architecture design. Implementation has been done at the behavioral/structural level using VHDL language.
  • Image Processing library (C++). It includes miscellaneous image formats and processing algorithms, and have been used in my research.
  • Advised students on the following courses: Structured Programming, Signals and Systems, Digital Signal Processing, Data Structure, Probablity and Statistics.
  Software Engineer
Trend Micro Inc. (China)
Jan.1999 - Sept.1999
  • In project Virus Scan Engine (JAVA) (7 persons), which is the core of all Trendmicro antivirus java product, responsible for coding of the scan and clean part for Macro virus.
  • HouseCall (Applet) (http://housecall.antivirus.com), which performs online virus scan.
  Software Engineer
UTStarcom Co. Ltd. (China)
Oct.1997 - Aug.1998
  • Offic Automation System. It is an integrated system of email, forum, archive and etc., developed with Domino and Lotus Notes.
  • In project Integrated Billing System for Telecommunications (4 persons), working as the team leader. It was developed using Oracle and PowerBuilder, and have been utilized in China Unicom (Tianjing, China). My duty includes most of the database structure designs, all of the PL/SQL programming and some of the GUI.
  Diploma Project
Tsinghua Remote Sensing Lab
Nov.1996 - Jun 1997
  • In project TIROS-N AVHRR Processing System (3 persons), responsible for implementation of image geographic mapping, geometric correction, enhancement and registration algorithms. It was developed with Visual C++ 2.0.
  Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science (MUN)
Selected topics in broadband networks: ATM Qos, ATM Security, IP over ATM, RTP/RTCP, RSVP

Sept.1999 - Apr. 2000
  Trend Micro Inc. (China)
OLE2 and composite file, Cryptography Basics, Network Security, Object technology, Perl

Mar.1999 - July 1999
  UTStarcom Co. Ltd. (China)
Introduction to TCP/IP, Access network, Introduction to ATM, SS7

Mar.1998 - June 1998
  1. "SAR Sea-ice Image Classification with the Tree-Structured Wavelet Transform", Qiyao Yu, Cecilia Moloney and F.M.Williams, Proceedings of NECEC 2000.
  2. "Design of a Pipelined DSP Microprocessor - MUN DSP2000", Cheng Li, Lu Xiao, Qiyao Yu, P. Gillard and R. Ventatesan, Proceedings of NECEC 2000.

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