Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science

Engr. 9723 - Soil Properties and Behaviour – Fall 2002


The course provides a rational framework for understanding soil behaviour compared to the behaviour of other engineering materials. The main areas covered are (1) measurement and interpretation of soil properties, and (2) nonlinear behaviour of soil materials, with particular emphasis on the importance of both effective stresses and volumetric changes.

Course outline:
Effective stress concept
Soil strength and deformability
Index and engineering soil properties
Stress paths & soil testing
Estimation of soil constitutive parameters
Elements of soil dynamics
Slope Stability
Introduction to plasticity theory (yielding, flow rules, hardening rules)
Classical plasticity soil models
Introduction to critical state concepts
Numerical modelling of soil structures

November 5 - Midterm
December 2 - Term Project presentations

Recommended Reading:

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Problem solving exercises 20%
Midterm 30%
Term project 40%
Paper discussions 10%

Instructor:Radu Popescu (EN3015; Tel. 8956; E-mail: radu@engr.mun.ca)