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BUILDINGS Magazine regularly delivers the latest news and trends in the commercial / institutional property management professions!

Construction Europe

Established in 1989, Construction Europe is the only pan-European magazine serving the region's massive construction sector. Every month more than 15000 copies of Construction Europe are distributed to construction professionals across geographical Europe.

International Journal of Design Computing –

The International Journal of Design Computing is a refereed journal that is published on the World Wide Web and will be archived by the University of Sydney Library. The journal articles are peer reviewed and have a forum for discussion for a period of six months after the article is published.


The Electronic Journal of Information Technology in construction "is a peer-reviewed scholarly journal on the use of IT in construction. Articles are submitted and published electronically in printable and hypertext formats and distributed internationally over the Internet."


The online Journal of Nondestructive Testing & Ultrasonics "The Journal focus on Nondestructive Testing (NDT) especially on Ultrasonic Testing (UT) which is a widely used Method."

The Nordic Journal of Building Physics

Acta physica aedificiorum. "The main topics are heat and mass transfer problems applied to buildings and building constructions. This journal contains electronically published reviewed articles that are fully accessible via World Wide Web."


The Engineering E-journal Search Engine is a searchable index to over 100 UK and non-UK engineering e-journals, free availability in full-text.