Engineering 6806

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Component Demonstration

The purpose of the component demonstrations is to help ensure adequate progress by setting concrete functional milestones. Each team will be required to demonstrate that some portion of the functionality of the components of their system has been successfully implemented. The client (instructors) and each team will agree in advance on the exact details of these demonstrations (i.e., what functionality will be demonstrated) and this will be recorded in the project management plan submitted with the Preliminary Design Document.

System Demonstration

During the system demonstration each team must convince the client that their system can complete the assigned tasks. At this time all design and implementation work should be complete. After the system demonstration changes may only be changed with the consent of the client.

Final Competition

The purpose of the competition is to compare the effectiveness of the teams' projects. At the start of the competition, the tunnel (i.e. N, S, E or W) into which ore must be delivered will be indicated to the operator. There will be three rounds during the competition and in each round each team will be given a maximum of 10 minutes in which to attempt to gather ore and deliver it to the desired tunnel.  The objective is to complete the task in the shortest time and with minimum human intervention (i.e. keystroke or mouse input) or collisions of the A-LHD.


The task time will be recorded as the elapsed time from task start to task completion with 30 seconds penalty time for each human intervention or collision.  Each team will be permitted to attempt the demonstration a maximum of three times and the best time will be used in assigning the final competition mark.


The team successfully completing the task with the fastest time will be awarded 15 marks for the competition while the slowest team successfully completing the task will be awarded 5 marks.  Other teams that successfully demonstrate the task will be awarded a mark that is scaled relative to the fastest and slowest times.


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