Engineering 6806
Review Meetings

Team performance will be assessed through regular review meetings that will be held during the lab period on the dates indicated in the schedule. The purpose of these meetings is for the team to report on project progress and to request guidance on issues considered important by the team. Each meeting should include a general overview (5 minutes) of the approach taken by the team in solving the problem. Over the duration of the project, all team members are expected to play an equal role in the review meetings.

The client will not lead the discussions during the review meetings. The review meetings are to be organized by the team and an agenda must be e-mailed to the client 24 hours before the scheduled meetings. The team must appoint a chairperson for each meeting and this person must ensure that the meeting is limited to 25 minutes.

The team members will receive up to 15 marks based on their meeting performance over the term. The factors to be considered include the preparedness for the meeting, the progress in the project and the quality of work, and the quality of the document package and the project management plan. The log book may also be assessed at any of the review meetings.

The instructors are happy to meet with students outside of the scheduled meeting time to resolve any issues that are outstanding from the review meeting or to discuss any aspect of the course. The teaching assistants are also be happy to provide technical consultation regarding implementation issues associated with the project. 

Project Requirements Review Meeting

This meeting provides the team with an opportunity to discuss the general project requirements with the client. The team should use this meeting to confirm a clear understanding of the problem and to discuss initial ideas regarding strategy and design concepts. 

Strategy/Design Concepts Review Meeting

This presentation should include a clear statement of the proposed strategy for solving the problem. Several early system design concepts that are under consideration by the team should also be presented and discussed. 

Design/Project Review Meeting

The team must present an overview of the progress toward the development and testing of the prototype A-LHD. 

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