External Boards and Committees

PRECARN Research Management Committee  (1997 - 2001)

Canada Foundation for Innovation -  Research Development Fund Standing Committee (1998 – 2001)


AquaNet NCE Board of Directors (2000 – 2001)


AUCC Ad-hoc Committee on the Downey Panel Report (2001)


University Committees

Memorial University Senate  (2000-03)

Committee on Intellectual Property Issues for Graduate Studies (2001)

Senate Committee on Research  (1999-2002, Chair 2001)

Senate Committee on Undergraduate Studies  (1998-2001)

Food Science Facilities Steering Committee  (2000-01)

Graduate Studies Academic Council  (1997-99)

Appeals Committee of Graduate Studies Academic Council (1996-98, Chair 1998)

Vice President (Research) Review Committee  (1996)

Dean of Engineering Review Committee  (1997)

NSERC Strategies Group (1994)

Manufacturing Technology Centre Advisory Board (1994-98)

University Endowment Fund Review Committee (1997-98)

 Faculty Committees

Undergraduate Studies Committee (1996-2001, Vice-chair 1998, Chair 1999-2001)

Academic Development Committee (1998-2001)

Executive Action Committee of Faculty Council (1998-2001)

Graduate Studies Committee (1997-2000)

Advisory Committee to Associate Dean of Graduate Studies (1997-2001, Chair)

Committee on Promotion and Tenure Guidelines  (2000)

Promotion and Tenure Committee (1999-2000)

Dean’s Committee on Faculty Promotion (1996)

Engineering Open House Committee (1997-99, Co-chair)

regularly serve on faculty search committees, including WISE, Petro-Canada, C-CORE and CRC Chairs

Electrical Engineering Bridging Programme Committee, 1997-98

Grant and Contract Reviews

Rick Hanson Man in Motion Foundation

Hospital for Sick Children


Canada Foundation for Innovation

PRECARN Associates

Paper Reviews 

ASME Journal of Dynamic Systems

IEEE Journal of Control Systems Technology

Dynamics, Measurement and Control

Journal of Robotics and Autonomous Systems

Rehabilitation Society of North America (RESNA) Conference

American Control Conference

IASTED Robotics and Control Conference

ASME Winter Annual Meeting

IEEE Conference on Control Applications