Ray Gosine
B.Eng. (Memorial), Ph.D. (Cambridge), P.Eng.

Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering  &  J.I. Clark Chair of Intelligent Systems for Operations in Harsh Environments (supported by C-CORE, INCO and the European Space Agency)

Winner of the President's Award for Outstanding Research 1997/98, 
Petro-Canada Young Innovator 1998

research activities

economic sectors

fisheries and aquaculture, forestry, mining, and
oil & gas

ongoing projects 

Automated, high resolution, high speed machine vision inspection of fish products.more ... 

malta & frag
Adaptive pattern recognition and sensor technology to facilitate the complete automation of underground mining equipment more...

group robotics 
An innovative approach to the programming, supervision and control of multiple semi-autonomous mobile robots for interventions in harsh environments more...

fasit & fish-id
Automated fish species classification and biomass assessment using visual data from fisheries echosounders more... 

A software tool for accurate, automated analysis petrographic images used by the oil and gas industry

An intelligent sensor and control system for optimization of the delivery of feed in aquaculture applications. 


intelligent systems research 

Intelligent systems include computers, robots and sensors that perceive, reason and act in ways that are similar in function to humans. Advances in intelligent systems support industrial development in harsh environments and in applications where it is not feasible for humans to manufacture products or process materials efficiently. 

The J.I. Clark Chair has extensive experience in the development and application of these technologies for the mining, oil & gas, fisheries & aquaculture, and forestry industries.  In partnership with C-CORE, the Chair has developed a telerobotics and computer vision laboratory (aka The Romper Room)  which provides for the development and validation of proof-of-concept systems for industrial collaborators.

The J.I. Clark Chair provides graduate and undergraduate research opportunities for students who are interested in applied R&D with C-CORE’s industry partners.  Following their studies, the students follow different career paths as a result of their experiences here and some go on to further studies (click here), to form companies based on their research results (click here) or to bring their expertise to already established companies working in areas related to the field of intelligent systems. 

vehicles by 

The J.I. Clark Chair is active in the Institute for Robotics and Intelligent Systems and AquaNet, which are both funded through the Networks of  Centres of Excellence Programmes. The Chair is also positioned to play a role in the new Oil and Gas Development Partnership at Memorial University.   


For further information on opportunities for research and development collaborations or graduate studies in the area of  intelligent systems, please contact:

Dr. Ray Gosine, P.Eng.
Professor & J.I. Clark Chair of Intelligent Systems, Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science, Memorial University of Newfoundland

Tel: 709-737-8139  Fax: 709-737-4706



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