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Invited Talks           


Physical Attacks and Beyond

Francesco Regazzoni


Post-Quantum Key Exchange for the Internet

Douglas Stebila


Side Channels and Fault Attacks I


Detecting Side Channel Vulnerabilities in Improved Rotating S-box Masking Scheme — Presenting

Four Non-profiled Attacks

Zeyi Liu, Neng Gao, Chenyang Tu, Yuan Ma and Zongbin Liu


Bridging the Gap: Advanced Tools for Side-Channel Leakage Estimation beyond Gaussian Templates and Histograms

Tobias Schneider, Amir Moradi, Francois-Xavier Standaert and Tim GŸneysu


Uniform First-Order Threshold Implementations

Tim Beyne, BegŸl Bilgin and Vincent Rijmen


Design and Implementation of Symmetric Cryptography


On the Construction of Hardware-friendly 4x4 and 5x5 S-boxes

Stjepan Picek, Bohan Yang, Vladimir Rozic and Nele Mentens


All the AES You Need on Cortex-M3 and -M4

Peter Schwabe and Ko Stoffelen


Efficient Classical Public Key Cryptography


Fast, Uniform Scalar Multiplication for Genus 2 Jacobians with Fast Kummers

Ping Ngai Chung, Craig Costello and Benjamin Smith


PhiRSA: Exploiting the Computing Power of Vector Instructions on Intel Xeon Phi for RSA

Yuan Zhao, Wuqiong Pan, Jingqiang Lin, Peng Liu, Cong Xue and Fangyu Zheng


FourQNEON: Faster Elliptic Curve Scalar Multiplications on ARM Processors

Patrick Longa


Cryptanalysis of Symmetric Primitives I


New Second Preimage Attacks on Dithered Hash Functions with Low Memory Complexity

Muhammad Barham, Orr Dunkelman, Stefan Lucks and Marc Stevens


New Differential Bounds and Division Property of LILLIPUT: Block Cipher with Extended Generalized Feistel Network

Yu Sasaki and Yosuke Todo


Cryptanalysis of Simpira

Christoph Dobraunig, Maria Eichlseder and Florian Mendel


Lattice-Based Cryptography


Fixed-Point Arithmetic in SHE Schemes

Anamaria Costache, Nigel P. Smart, Srinivas Vivek and Adrian Waller


A Full RNS Variant of FV like Somewhat Homomorphic Encryption Schemes

Jean-Claude Bajard, Julien Eynard, Anwar Hasan and Vincent Zucca


Security Considerations for Galois RLWE Families

Hao Chen, Kristin Lauter and Katherine Stange


MACs and PRNGs


Output Masking of Tweakable Even-Mansour can be Eliminated for Message Authentication Code

Shoichi Hirose, Yusuke Naito and Takeshi Sugawara


Improved Algebraic MACs and Practical Keyed-Verification Anonymous Credentials

Amira Barki, Solenn Brunet, Nicolas Desmoulins and Jacques Traore


A Robust and Sponge-Like PRNG with Improved Efficiency

Daniel Hutchinson


Side Channels and Fault Attacks II


Attacking Embedded ECC Implementations Through cmov Side Channels

Erick Nascimento, Lukasz Chmielewski, David Oswald and Peter Schwabe


Lattice Attacks against Elliptic-Curve Signatures with Blinded Scalar Multiplication

Dahmun Goudarzi, Matthieu Rivain and Damien Vergnaud


Loop-Abort Faults on Lattice-Based Fiat-Shamir and Hash-and-Sign Signatures

Thomas Espitau, Beno”t GŽrard, Pierre-Alain Fouque, and Mehdi Tibouchi


Cryptanalysis of Symmetric Primitives II


An Efficient Affine Equivalence Algorithm for Multiple S-Boxes and a Structured Affine Layer

Jung Hee Cheon, Hyunsook Hong, Joohee Lee and Jooyoung Lee


Estimating the Cost of Generic Quantum Pre-image Attacks on SHA-2 and SHA-3

Matthew Amy, Olivia Di Matteo, Vlad Gheorghiu, Michele Mosca, Alex Parent and John Schanck


Efficient Symmetric Primitives


Hold Your Breath, PRIMATEs Are Lightweight

Danilo Šijačić, Andreas Brasen Kidmose, Bohan Yang, Subhadeep Banik, BegŸl Bilgin, Andrey Bogdanov and Ingrid Verbauwhede


Keymill: Side-Channel Resilient Key Generator

Mostafa Taha, Arash Reyhani-Masoleh and Patrick Schaumont


Lightweight Fault Attack Resistance in Software Using Intra-Instruction Redundancy

Conor Patrick, Bilgiday Yuce, Nahid Ghalaty and Patrick Schaumont


Cryptanalysis of Asymmetric Primitives


Sieving for Closest Lattice Vectors (with Preprocessing)

Thijs Laarhoven


Key Recovery Attack on the Cubic ABC Simple Matrix Multivariate Encryption Scheme

Dustin Moody, Ray Perlner and Daniel Smith-Tone


Solving Discrete Logarithms on a 170-bit MNT Curve by Pairing Reduction

Aurore Guillevic, Franois Morain and Emmanuel ThomŽ