Name                                                      :               P.N. SAINATH


Qualification                                        :               B.Eng, Electronics & Telecom Engineering


Institute                                                 :               REC, Silchar (Gauhati Univ, ASSAM),                            



Address for correspondence             :               Mail Box-53

                                                                                Burton’s Pond Appartment,

                                                                                Memorial University,

                                                                                57,AllanDale Road,

                                                                                St John’s, New-Foundland,


                                                                                Tel –  737-5799910(Home)

                                                                                e-mail :



Educational Profile                             :              


                Examination                                           Institute                                 Year of  Passing                   %

              ----------------                                             ----------                                   --------------------                     ---           


                SSC                                         Modern Senior Sec.School                                 1984                        76

                HSC                                        Kendriya Vidyalaya                                             1986                        89

                BE                                           Regional Engineering

                                                                College, Silchar, Gauhati                                     1991                        76

                                                                University(Assam) INDIA.


M. Eng.                                  Memorial University                            (Expected to complete

                                                NewFoundland, CANADA.                    in SEP 2002)




Experience Profile                              :


I have about nine years of working  experience in both hardware and software fields including embedded

systems, in a multinational environment. In Summary I have ,


Experience in the development of Energy meters.

Experience in SMPS power supply design.

Experience in Realtime and embedded systems.

Experience in RADAR/RF communication systems.

Programming Experience in C,C++, Assembly.

Experience in Analog and digital Ckt design.

Experience in Technology transfer, Production issues.


Present Status (Since fall 2000)      :               Graduate student pursuing Masters programme in Electrical

Engineering ,Faculty of Engineering & Applied Science,Memorial University of Newfoundland.

Employment History:


1999/9-2000/8                                                     :               Schlumberger Electricity Mgmt Ltd. , Indonesia

                                                                                                Subsidiary of Schlumberger Industries Ltd France.

Job Profile                                                            :

System’s support engineer for Asia Product management center of   Schlumberger in Jakarta, Schlumberger is a  multinational group with a turnover  of USD 12 billion coming from Test and Measurement systems, Telecom, Oil Logging services.


1996/1 – 99/8                                                      :               CG Schlumberger Electricity Mgmt Ltd, Delhi(India).                   

Subsidiary of Schlumberger Industries Ltd, France.     

Job Profile                                                            :

As a senior R&D Engineer, I was involved in the development of state of the art Static Electricity  meters.


1991/6 –95/12                                                     :               Bharat  Electronics Ltd, Bangalore, Govt of India


Job Profile                                                            :

R&D Engineer. Bharat  Electronics Ltd is a USD 150 Million Govt of India Organisation catering to Design,  Development of Electronics for Defence and Civil.


Important Projects Assosciated with :


1.             Name of the project                             :               Introduction & Support of  System products to Asia.

                Organization                                         :               Schlumberger

                Duration                                                :               99/9-2000/8

                H/W Platform                                        :               Pentium PC

Software                                            :                   Win NT,C,Proprietary software of  Schlumberger for metering systems.

Overview of project                                             :

In this project I was involved in new product introduction,training,technical support and after sales service of  metering systems like Prepayment,Remote meter reading, for Water ,Gas and Electricity utilities.

2.             Name of the project                             :               Static 3 Phase Energy Meter

                Organization                                         :               CG Schlumberger

                Duration                                                :               98/1 to 99/8

                H/W Platform                                        :               Pentium PC

                Software                                                :               C, Assembly language, NEC 78064 Microcontroller

Development system.

Overview of project                                             :

In this I was involved in certain software modifications to suit customer needs and the development and 

integration of Real Time clock Hardware and assosciated software for the Electricity meter .This was done using I2 C Bus Protocol, I was also involved in product testing and transfer of technology to production.

3.             Name of the project                             :               Support  Tool for Meter Reading

                Orgainzation                                         :               CG Schlumberger

                Duration                                                :               7/97 to 12/97

                H/W Platform                                        :               Pentium PC

                Software                                                :               C.

Overview of  Project                                            :              

In this I was  involved in the development of software tool as per IEC1107 Protocol for Meter data  reading.

4.             Name of the project                             :               Development of Energy Meter                         

                Organization                                         :               CG Schlumberger

                Client                                                      :               Various Electricity utilities,

                Duration                                                :               3/96 to 6/97

                Location                                                :               France

                Hardware                                               :               Analog Electronics

Overview of project                                             :

I was responsible   for the development of the SMPS Power supply for the meter and the complete validation of the functionality of the meter as per IEC standards.

5.             Name of the project                             :               Built in Test Equipment     

                Orgainzation                                         :               Bharat Electronics Ltd

                Duration                                                :               10/94 to 12/95

                H/W                                                       :               Digital Electronics.

Overview of project                                             :

Built in Test Equipment is used to test the functionality of PCMC  Radar.  The test system simulates Range and velocity targets for the  Radar and aids in establishing the functionality of the Receiver and tracking subsytems of the  Radar.  In a group of two engineers, I was involved in the development of the Electronics and integration.

6.             Name of the project                             :               Automatic Frequency control Unit

                Organization                                         :               Bharat Electronics

                Client                                                      :               Defence Research and Dev. Organigation India.

                Duration                                                :               10/93 to 6/94

                Software                                                :               MC 8751 development system.

Overview  of project                                            :

Automatic  Frequency control unit is  a real time embedded system to automatically control the  drift in the Transmitter frequency of an L-Band Radar.  In a group of two engineers, I was involved in the design and Technology Transfer  to Production.

7.             Name of the project                             :               PCMC Radar System

                Organization                                         :               Bharat Electronics

                Client                                                      :               Defence Research and Dev. Organisation

                Duration                                                :               6/92 to 8/93

Overview of project                                             :              

PCMC (Precision Coherent  Monopulse C band) Radar, developed by BEL is a sophisticated  system.  I was involved in the Testing, integration and commissioning of the Radar at the customer site.




Hobbies                                                  :


                Travelling, Reading, Music, Philately