Twenty-fourth International Workshop on Security Protocols

Brno, Czech Republic — 7-8 April 2016

Ground rules

  • There must be a presenter for each position paper.
  • No two position papers can have the same presenter.
  • The presenter must pay the registration fee.
  • A presenter can bring a PhD student free (subject to prior notification), but part of the task of the presenter is to lead a discussion about the implications and wider context of the ideas, so we generally expect the person paying the registration fee to take the lead (and the PhD student to participate and contribute).
  • There is limited opportunity for additional participants who are not presenters (e.g. coauthors) to register, or for a presenter to bring a second free PhD student. Contact us early on if you might want to do either of these.
  • PhD students attend the workshop only.
  • Yes, you can bring your PhD student as a dinner guest.
  • There are separate rules for computer lab or UH PhD students.
  • We expect presenters to attend for the whole workshop - you can’t build your discussion on what has already happened if you weren’t there.
  • Presenters are expected to present in the allocated slot. We choose the running order and groupings carefully, the talks are cumulative and do not commute.


Workshop schedule
15 Mar 2016

We have posted the schedule of talks for the workshop.

Registration open
3 Mar 2016

The registration page is now available for invited authors.

Provisional schedule
29 Feb 2016

A provisional schedule has been posted on the schedule page. The dates are 7–8 April 2016.