They're on my Link-ed List.

With apologies to William S. Gilbert.

As some day it may happen that an exam must be sat
I've got a little list -- I've got a link-ed list
Of Data Structure topics that should be got down pat,
And that never should be missed -- that never should be missed.

There's conditions pre- and post- that say what functions do
With abstract fields they work just find for ADT's too.
There's pointers, links, and nothrow, and stuff upon the heap.
There's classes for the ADTs and copies that are deep.
Is it best to use an array or best to use a list--
Let none of 'em be missed -- let none of 'em be missed!

He's got 'em on the list -- on a link-ed list;
And let none of 'em be missed -- let none of 'em be missed!

There's sets, lists, and relations, and functions and there's pairs
No not the link-ed list -- the ADT of lists
The distinction's worthwhile knowing, I'm not just splitting hairs.
Let the difference not be missed, it never should be missed.

Design your algorithms as abstractly as can be
Then implement the ADT's so that it's all in C.
There's subroutines that call themselves, recursion is the name;
It's great to solve subproblems that look about the same.
They'll loop along forever, if the stop condition's missed--
I don't think it should be missed, I'm sure it not be missed.

He's got it on his list -- on his link-ed list;
And he don't think it should be missed, he's sure it not be missed.

There's order of complexity, for putting functions with their kith,
On this I must insist -- I've got it on my list!
So constants and the lesser terms can all be dispensed with.
They'd none of 'em be missed -- they'd none of them be missed.

There's search trees for putting data in, to improve the average-case,
From linear to logarithmic in case you're in great haste.
And balanced trees like AVL, make size roughly phi to the height,
So the height must be log base phi the size, now isn't that all right?
And if you can understand that you're a data structurologist.
And it won't go unnoticed, it won't go unnoticed.

He'll put you on his list -- high on his link-ed list;
And you won't go unnoticed, you won't go unnoticed.