Theo's Scientific Word Thesis Template for MUN

Updated 2015 Dec 17

Here is the PDF version Master.pdf

This template consists of several files and directories. Many files have to go in special places. In the following

is your instalation folder. For me it is "C:\progfiles\swp55"
is your home directory. For me it is "C:\Users\theo\Documents".

(0). Download style files etc

(1) Next, download file and unzip it so that munthesis is a subdirectory of ⟨HOME⟩.

(2) With Scientific Word (or Workplace), open Master.tex in ⟨HOME⟩\munthesis.

(3) If you had no problem with step (2), make a copy of ⟨HOME⟩\munthesis called ⟨HOME⟩\mythesis (or whatever you want to call it). Modify to make your thesis. I suggest you keep ⟨HOME⟩\munthesis untouched as documentation and so you can see how I did various things. Add bibliographic references to thesis.bib. (See BibTeXing for documentation.)

(4) Remember to back up your thesis frequently. A good way to do that is to put the \munthesis directory in a folder.