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From now on, this blog has a new home at Come on over to visit! Family fun, excitement for everyone, door prizes and more!!

I've been procrastinating on this announcement, because I wanted to have time to overhaul the website and relaunch it with a big splash. Over the last two months it's become obvious that I'll be waiting forever if I wait until I can redo the whole site. Back in the spring Steve Clarke offered to host my blog on his server with Movable Type which provides RSS feeds, comments, pingbacks and other goodies. I registered the domain and had the site up and running, but Steve still hasn't been able to read my blog via the RSS feed since I've been procrasting on the permanent switch-over.

Well, here it is. I've transferred my blog archives, and all future blog entries will occur at and over time I'll move over all the other content and update it as appropriate.

Cue the confetti parade and balloons...



Moving and Vacation

In case I didn't already post this before, my new address is 401-1338 Hollis St, Halifax NS, B3J 1T9. I'll get around to updating that in a few places on the site soon, honest.

Kerry and I leave in a couple of hours for the marathon drive to St. John's NL. We're taking the midnight ferry and then doing the cross-island drive tomorrow. We'll probably stop in Corner Brook so that I can sate my curiousity about a few technical details of the Canada Games Centre arena, for YC Newfoundland this October. Kerry's grandparents are making cooked dinner for us in Norris Arm, so I should have enough breaks to stay awake.

I worked 'til 4 am last night doing lights for the Brookfield truck lotto draw in Brookfield. It was ok, though I had to learn a new board: the ETC Insight 2x (with the Moving Light Controller add-on, but still). Sigh, one of these days, I'll get to use Grand MAs all the time, but until then...

Must go and finish packing... oh, remind me to post about Eastlink Cable - I was really impressed with their customer service this week. If you need to reach me, I'll be able to check phone messages, but email is almost always the most convenient.



Canada Day

Happy Birthday, Canada!

Hard to believe that I actually have the day off. I guess with lighting techs not being needed so much for outdoor events in the daytime... but boy was it a busy weekend. I think I worked mostly 12 or 14 hour days since last Tuesday. The hectic schedule started before that, though.


Last Friday, when Kerry and I were coming out of my old apartment, we saw some teenage hooligans vandalizing the construction project underway at the Salvation Army citadel across the road. We decided to report it to the police. We went back inside and dialed 911, and much to our shock, it took about 3 minutes on hold before we even spoke to a human! Granted it was a Friday night, but still! Once we talked with the operator and were transferred to the police, it took another 10 minutes or so for a police car to arrive.


There have been a few adventures in moving this week, but I'm mostly there now. Last Saturday I rented a UHaul truck and in 6 hours Kerry and I loaded it at my old place and unloaded it at my new place. My new superintendants are very helpful and since the apartment was vacant they let me move my stuff in before the lease officially started. That was essential in order for me to work through this weekend.

On Monday, I had my power, cable, phone and internet transferred. On Tuesday, I worked at the Christie shop, finishing the cleanup from Drum the previous weekend. Christie did the lighting for the concert on the hill, but that was Nickelback's touring rig out of the Toronto shop. The Halifax shop did the Casino Nova Scotia Canada Day weekend lighting, with TTE on audio. That was Trooper, Tom Cochrane and Red Rider, Farmer's Daughter and maybe some other acts that I don't know. After finishing at the shop, I took Kerry to meet some girls from the church for a girl's night at the movies. I think they sawAlex and Emma. Kerry saw The Italian Job while in St. John's, so now that's two movies I haven't seen. Anyway, while she was at the movies, I packed up my refridgerated goods, the last odds and ends, and then I cleaned the old apartment. Wash the shower, toilet, fridge, walls, and all that other fun. Ugh.

Working the long weekend

So that brings us to the long weekend. One of the big weekends for production work, and I think I made the most of it. I worked about 10 hours Wednesday for the IATSE local building the roof system and stage for the concert on the hill (Nickelback, Sum 41, Default, Crush etc). On Thursday I was supposed to light Snow at the Forum. It was a small system (24k PARs and 6 ProSpot 250s) but it would have been fun enough. Instead it was cancelled, and I spent the day in the shop prepping for the HarborFest setup. The HarborFest setup was Friday. It was supposed to be 3 or 4 hours in the shop and then 4 or 5 hours on site, but because of a long delay by the stage people, I didn't get out of there until 11:30 pm.

HarborFest is a cute little Canada Day weekend, right down on Queen's Landing just down from the historic properties and right on the harbor. The stage was covered with this really small tent, though. I could only put in a bit of VersaTruss on Manfrottoe stands, and even then my trim was only about 5 feet. I had 18 narrow PARs upstage with scrollers, 4 blinders, 4 ACLs, and 12 medium PARs on stands for front wash.

Saturday I lit Colin James and Charlie A'Court with that rig, but between finishing wiring and fighting with the scrollers, I didn't really get much programming prepared, so it wasn't my best work. Sunday I did 14 hours taking down the scaffolding and stage on the hill with the IATSE again, then Monday I was back at HarborFest for The Mahones and Bif Naked. I started from scratch and reprogrammed my show, and I had a much better time of it. Bif is a pretty loud rockish show anyway, which made it easy to just pound away with the lights, too, and I think that show came off much better than the first night.

So that brings us to now. I slept in this morning, then emptied and reloaded the dishwasher. Read a bit of stuff on the net and did this blog. Gotta put in a load of laundry and grab a quick shower, so I can go spend some time with Kerry (before she kills me) and enjoy some of the nice Canada Day weather.



Im a gude spelur

Seems most landlords in this area don't know how to spell garbage chute. In my new building it's spelled garbage shoot, and I've seen that in several other buildings, while I was looking for a new apartment over the last few weeks. I even saw it spelled shute once, though I don't know what a British writer has to do with the garbage in my building...

If you're pendantic, or just bored enough to read the links above, I admit that the 10th definition of shoot as a noun is the same as chute, but I think chute should always be used when that meaning is intended.


For Tommy

I think I already mentioned that I worked at Christie on Monday in the shop cleaning up. I ended up working for CBC on Tuesday helping to clear out the last of the set at Electropolis from Drum. While I was back at the studio, I found a copy of the light plot: 19 Studio Colors, 4 Mac2k Wash, 8 Mac 2k Profile, 13 Mac 500, 13 Mac 600, 12 Mac 250 plus assorted ACLs, Source4s, spares, etc. Can't wait to see what it looks like on TV.

The main truss was a large circle (about 40' I'm guessing) and most of the SCs were around that. The half of the 2k pros were on the back of the circle and the rest were with the 2k washes out front. There was also a diamond shaped truss inside the circle, and there were 8 600s and 4 500s on that, with the rest of the 600s on the small front truss. The rest of the 500s were on the back half of the circle and on two small side trusses. There were a few SCs on the sides trusses and on the floor, and the 250s were under grates all around the stage.

Tommy, I also thought that you would appreciate what I was doing all of Monday. I recoiled all the cable to fit in their cases, and I took out all of the 500s and 600s and ran each one through it's test mode. The 2ks and SCs went back to Toronto right after the show. I would have done the 250s as well, except I ran out of time.




I did a light setup, operate and teardown for the Senior's Expo at Exhibition Park between Thursday and Sunday for TTE. That was good experience for me, but not that exciting. On Thursday night, though I got a call from the IATSE local for the out at Electropolis. That's Salter Street's studio in a converted power plant on Halifax's waterfront. I hadn't been there before and it was really quite cool. The show was Drum which was taped by CBC, apparently to air next February. The set was quite cool, and the lighting rig was nice. I didn't get to see any of the taping, so I'm looking forward to catching the show on TV.

The out was for Christie Lites, since a bunch of gear had to be in Toronto for some other show this weekend. There were about a dozen 2ks, some 2k washes, maybe two dozen Studio Colors, 18 Mac500s, and 6 Mac 600s, plus a few lekos and PAR38 ACLs. I didn't really count the fixtures carefully, so those numbers are really only rough. The out was from 11PM to 6AM, so I was pretty tired at the end, but Alfred got me to come back on Friday at 11AM for Christie to finish getting the remaining gear to the Halifax shop. I'm also going to work Monday and Tuesday in the Christie shop cleaning up. Should be some other work coming up for the rest of next week, but nothing is finalized yet.



Apartment Hunting Blues, Vol III

Well, I'm singing the blues no longer. I admit I was a little stressed about the apartment situation last week, but it seems to have all worked itself out now. My landlord left a message today to say that they have approved my sublet, and they have also approved my application to move into 401-1338 Hollis St. It's a nice bachelor right downtown, with a balcony, a little sliver of a view of the ocean, and a dishwasher. I'll have underground parking in a nice building. Oh, and yeah, it's the same building Kerry is in. Woo hoo! No more daily driving back and forth! The cost, of course, is that I will have to do Kerry's dishes in my dishwasher.



Extension extension

Since I haven't yet got my blog set up with trackback, asa may not notice that I stole my post title from his post today that pointed me to the Extension extension for Firebird. Briefly, firebird is probably the best web browser around, and the extension extension gives you the ability to browse extensions for firebird and install them from a item on the menu, rather than checking a website to hunt down new or interesting extensions. Cool.


Apartment Hunting Blues, Vol II

Well, not exactly blues. I've seen 7 or 8 apartments since Monday, and I have 4 possibilities that are within a 2 minute walk of Kerry's place. I'm just waiting now for my sublet to be approved, before I put money down on a new place. The front runners are a high ceiling one bedroom for $640ish including parking, a newly renovated bachelor in a heritage building that's $650ish and a little closer to Kerry. For some reason, however, I didn't bother to check the website of the company that owns Kerry's (and my) building. Turns out there's a bachelor on Kerry's floor that's vacant right now. It would be a little more expensive and a less cozy than the other bachelor I'm thinking about, but the advantage of not having to go outside to visit Kerry... ugh, I hate making big decisions under pressure. I need to take some time to think this over, but I can't afford to wait too long, for fear of the apartments being rented to somebody else.

In other news, I'm doing a little work for TTE this week, at least a few hours every day. That'll keep the bills off my back, which is good. I'm also trying to track down Jason Windsor to be my guarantor so I can get my passport renewed. Speaking of which, I must get going and get that passport picture taken.