Christopher Whitt - Research

M.Eng. Candidate,
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science
Memorial University of Newfoundland

B.Eng., - Memorial University of Newfoundland

Research Area

DSP for Loudspeaker Arrays: Analysis and Design


Dr. C. Moloney


Numerical Optimization for Microphone and Loudspeaker Arrays - this is a general intro to what my thesis research is about. This paper won the Wally Reid Best Student Paper award at NECEC 2002.


My research is on the optimization of loudspeaker arrays. I am investigating the use of stochastic optimization techniques to confirm the performance of existing array designs as well as to search for better array designs. This research topic has grown out of my personal interest in audio, electroacoustics and sound reinforcement.

I have completed my course work and I am now working on my thesis. I am using MATLAB to simulate loudspeaker arrays and run the optimization algorithm. The optimization algorithm I am using is called Stochastic Region Contraction.

My coursework included Advanced Computer Architecture, Information Theory and Coding, Image Processing, Ocean Acoustics and Engineering Analysis. Computer Architecture and Image Processing were either cross-listed or offered by Memorial's Computer Science department. Information Theory and Coding and Engineering Analysis are regular graduate course offerings in the engineering faculty. Ocean Acoustics is a course offered by the Department of Physics and Physical Oceanography.

[Computer Engineering Research Laboratories - CERL]
[Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science]
[Memorial University of Newfoundland]

Lab: EN-4031
Phone: (709) 737-8856

Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science
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