wish list

A list of materialistic wishes and other indulgences

This list is for my own use, to keep track of things I'd like to have, but I'm not planning to buy right away. It is also a service to friends and family who occasionally give me gifts (but I don't expect anybody to give me some of the more expensive items here). I don't intend for anybody to abandon a good gift idea just because it isn't on this list, and of course, I never want anybody to feel obligated to give anything at all. The list is merely a convenience; a source of ideas. I'll try to keep it up to date as best I can.

Updated 2003-04-24

Home Stuff

  • Bookshelf
  • Mini-refrigerator (well, I probably don't need this for now)


  • Good rain gear
  • Casual shoes (coordinate with Khakis etc)
  • Shirts, Ties, casual sweaters, etc

Work/Music Stuff

  • Cable tester - Miles ACT-1
  • Acoustics by Leo Beranek available in the US from the ASA for $33 USD.
  • Good DMM - Fluke 189 This is a cadillac DMM, but highly recommended by audio consultants and professionals for comprehensive features including true RMS and peak readings over more than the entire audio band (flat up to about 50 kHz according to one person).
  • Architectural Acoustics by David Egan. The amazon link gives a commission to churchsoundcheck.com, our favorite promoter of technical excellence in churches.
  • a good parametric EQ or three for my own little gig rack.


  • Party games such as Mad Gab, Taboo, etc.
  • A drum stick bag
  • Drum sticks. 5A or 7A, wood tip, if you please.
  • See the bottom of my books page for wanted reading material.
  • See my music page for a list of albums I'd like to have.

Computer Stuff

  • Cheap digital camera (at least 640x480 resolution and really small, ideally)
  • DVD-ROM drive $60
  • A second monitor - KDS VS-7p preferred (about $170 CAD)
  • Silent CPU cooler (Zalman flower cooler - see quietpc.ca) $100
  • Silent 300W+ PS $150
  • Two 19" monitors $500
  • Good digital camera - 3+ megapixel maybe?