Dr. Ganning Zeng Gave a Presentation to NRPOP Members and Summed Up His One-Year Visiting Experience

May 29, 2019

On the afternoon of May 29, Dr. Ganning Zeng gave a presentation to all NRPOP members regarding his latest research progresses: produced Carbonmaterials from Sargassum Horneri, a seaweed originally from Asia, and related environmental applications. During the presentation, Dr. Zeng thoroughly and vividly introduced his research conception and several published works, as well as some ongoing portions. 

Furthermore, Dr. Zeng also kindly shared his experience of the one-year visit to NRPOP. During his visit, Dr. Zeng kept working on his research and investing the teaching patterns of Memorial University of Newfoundland, while he also got a closer contact with the multicultural society of Canada.

Dr. Zeng’s optimism, innovation and endeavor quite inspired all NRPOP Lab members. We truly appreciate Dr. Zeng sharing all his experience with us.