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NRPOP HQPs attended the MPRI Student Research Forum

NRPOP HQPs attended the MPRI Student Research Forum

Nov. 13, 20 and Dec. 4

The Multi-Partner Research Initiative (MPRI) program held a ‘virtual’ Student Research Forum to provide an opportunity to spotlight student projects and achievements under the MPRI program. The event provided students and young professionals the opportunity to share their research with other researchers and the wider oil spill response community. More than 20 NRPOP HQPs attended the event. Seven HQPs did oral presentations about their studies. 

Here is the information about the presentations:

  • Xudong Ye, An oil waste removal planning approach by using dynamic simulations and enhanced particle swarm optimization
  • Guihua Dong, A New UV/Ozonation-based Decanting Water Onsite Treatment System for Marine Oil Spill Response
  • Zhiwen Zhu, Enhanced production of lipopeptides by Bacillus subtilis and the application as oil spill dispersants
  • Min Yang, The Role of Microplastics in Oil Dispersion in the Marine Environment
  • Jingjing Ling, Effect of demulsifiers on breaking oil/water emulsion during marine oil spill response
  • Ethan J. Matchinski, Investigation of Settling and Centrifuge for Oil-Water Separation at Sea
  • Yiqi Cao, Salinity-mediated Crude Oil Biodegradation of Halotolerant Bacteria