The NSERC CREATE Training Program for Offshore Technology Research (OTR) is an opportunity for highly-qualified personnel to study, research and intern in the growing offshore industry and build on the research strengths associated with Canada’s research priority on natural resources and energy.

The program is in response to identified needs in the offshore industry and has been designed to ensure that trainees receive professional training and active participation, team building, critical thinking, key industry problem solving, writing and presentation skills, networking with others, mentoring and career development.

OTR graduate students will take specialized courses and focus on research in four theme areas: floating structures, mooring lines and risers, corrosion material engineering, and subsea systems. During the path of their research, students will participate in a four-month internship with an industrial or research partner.

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*** OTR NEWS ***

On March 10-11, 2016, a short course on Offshore Systems for Oil and Gas Production and Renewable Energy with guest speaker Dr. Krish Thiagarajan of University of Maine/ Marine Ocean Training & Technology, LLC. The event was attended by 24 attendees from the university and industry. It was a full agenda including both offshore systems and renewable energy topics being addressed.

Meeting The Demands of Offshore Industry” featured in International Innovation published by Research Media.

OTR Newsletter was launched in 2014. You can read more here. Issue 1 Issue 2

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