A few resources that might be useful to other lecturers, especially (but not exclusively) at Memorial.

Contributions would be most welcome: most of these things are kept in GitHub, so it should be easy to collaborate on any projects of mutual interest.


I’ve created a couple of LaTeX classes for teaching at Memorial University. These include templates for course outlines, labs and memos.


libgrading is a C++11 library for testing the functional correctness of C and C++ assignments. It runs each test in a separate process to capture common programming errors such as out-of-bounds accesses leading to segmentation faults.

banner is a Python library for parsing output from Memorial University’s registration system, which is a customization of Banner. This should already be useful to other Memorial faculty (I use it for parsing class lists and generating Subversion configuration files accordingly), but it might only need a few tweaks to support other universities' uses of Banner as well.

I also wrote a (very rough) set of scripts to parse course descriptions from Memorial’s calendar and output dot graphs of prerequisites, etc. The code is currently very Engineering-centric, but it only needs a bit of crowd-sourcing to be more generally applicable.