Twenty-fourth International Workshop on Security Protocols

Brno, Czech Republic — 7-8 April 2016


Thursday, 7 April

1000h Registration
1030h Session 1: Models
“Invisible Security”. Giampaolo Bella, Bruce Christianson, and Luca Viganò.
“Man-in-the-middle attacks evolved… but our security models didn’t”. Hugo Jonker, Sjouke Mauw and Rolando Trujillo-Rasua.
“The Price of Belief: Insuring Credible Trust?“. Paul Wernick and Bruce Christianson.
1200h Lunch
1400h Session 2: practical evolution
“Evolving DDoS Attacks and Defenses”. Min Suk Kang, Virgil Gligor and Vyas Sekar.
“The evolution of a security control”. Olgierd Pieczul and Simon N. Foley.
1500h Coffee
1530h Session 3: unconventional perspectives
“Novel security and privacy perspectives of camera fingerprints”. Jeff Yan.
“Exploiting Autocorrect to Attack Privacy”, Brian J. Kidney and Jonathan Anderson.

Friday, 8 April

0930h Session 1: authentication I
“SMAPs: Short Message Authentication Protocols”. Khaled Baqer, Johann Bezuidenhoudt, Ross Anderson and Markus Kuhn.
“Explicit delegation using configurable cookies”. David Llewellyn-Jones, Graeme Jenkinson and Frank Stajano.
1030h Coffee
1100h Session 2: authentication II
“Red button and yellow button: usable security for lost security tokens”. Ian Goldberg, Graeme Jenkinson, David Llewellyn-Jones and Frank Stajano.
“Detecting failed attacks on human-interactive security protocols”. A.W. Roscoe.
1200h Lunch
1330h Session 3: distributed systems
“Malicious Clients in Distributed Secret Sharing Based Storage Networks”. Andreas Happe, Stephan Krenn, and Thomas Lorünser.
“Reconsidering Attacker Models in Ad-hoc Networks”. Radim Ošťádal, Petr Švenda, and Vashek Matyáš.


Workshop schedule
15 Mar 2016

We have posted the schedule of talks for the workshop.

Registration open
3 Mar 2016

The registration page is now available for invited authors.

Provisional schedule
29 Feb 2016

A provisional schedule has been posted on the schedule page. The dates are 7–8 April 2016.