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Software Engineering (Engi 7893) is a project based course introducing and providing an exeriential learning environment for the fundumentals of Software Engineering. See the project page for more information.

Student are assigned to a software development team and are responsible for specifying, designing, documenting, and implementing a software product, over the course of the term.

Each student will also investigate and present on one topic in the subject of software engineering.

Course info sheet (PDF)

Latest News

July 13. Tentative test competition results published.

June 22 Presentation topics list and guidlines (see Presentation page).

June 22. Assignment 2 is out (see Project page)

June 20. Release 8 of java soccer tools

June 20. Release 7 of Java Soccer tools

June 19. Release 6 of Java Soccer tools

June 18. Pushed deadline for simulator back to Wednesday June 20.

June 18. Release 5 of Java Soccer tools.

June 15. Added some new test cases. See Release 4 of the Java Soccer tools.

June 15. Added some calculations on player movement usful for writing test cases -- see projects page.

June 11. Release 3 of Java soccertools. This one has the Simulator test frame-work.

June 11. Release 1 of C++ soccertools

June 11. Release 2 of Java soccertools.

June 11.  Updated "extra requirements" for Java teams

June 11. Updated Java documentation for instructor supplied packages.

June 5th. No class June 6th.

June 5th. Added Assignment 1.

June 5th. Added Java Soccertools release 1.

May 25. Added Java and C++ Soccertools release 0.

May 25. Revised Specification placed on the web.

May 25.  Design reviews are in EN 4006 on Monday May 28. If Monday is a D-Day, then they will be Wednesday and Dr. Gill's Tutorial will be Noon to 1:00 in EN 4035.

Orange 2:00
Purple 2:30
Blue 3:00
Green 3:30
Red 4:00

May 24. Documentation for instructor supplied classes revised, mostly to get the colours right.

May 21. Meetings today are in EN4020 (or EN4006)

Red 2:00
Green 2:20
Blue 2:40
Purple 3:00
Orange 3:20

May 21. Added teams. See Project Teams page.

May 18 Added Extra Requirements for Java. See Project page.

May 18. Added Assignment 0. See Project Page.

May 18. Added the Autotest 2 Specification and Design example. See Examples page.

May 18. Added slides on UML. See Notes page.

May 16. Added documention for instructor supplied packages. See Project page.

May 16. Added latest spec.. See Project page.

May 6. Added course info sheet. See above.

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