Set Tests

Put the following operator strings into a set: & ! != == \ + and

Now dump as a string:

Now let's check to see if this string

contains any of the op strings. String contains

Op Table Tests

Define opOr, opAnd and opNot functions and then create an op table by adding

 opTable.add(new Op("&", "\u2022", 2, opAnd, Op.LEFT));
opTable.add(new Op(".", "\u2022", 2, opAnd, Op.LEFT));
opTable.add(new Op("|", "+", 1, opOr, Op.LEFT));
opTable.add(new Op("+", "+", 1, opOr, Op.LEFT));
opTable.add(new Op("!", "~", 3, opNot, Op.UNARY));
opTable.add(new Op("~", "~", 3, opNot, Op.UNARY));

Parser Tests

Now creating a parser using the opTable

This is a test of the parser. Parsing "(C|D&E)&(A&B)&!S"

Check for A, A&C&S, A&B&D&E&S, A&B&D&E&!S

Parsing "(C.D+E).(A+B).~S"

Parsing "George.Fred+Ted.~Alice"