Dr. Xili Duan is leading a research team on Interfacial Thermal Fluids and Energy in the Mechanical Engineering Department at Memorial University. We conduct fundamental research in thermodynamics, fluid mechanics and heat transfer, with applications in energy systems. We have particular interests in phase change heat transfer (such as boiling, freezing and melting), multiphase flow (including nanofluids), wetting and thermal hydraulic dynamics at the solid-liquid interface. The applications include thermal (including solar thermal) energy storage, thermal management, flow assurance in subsea pipelines, oil-water-gas separation equipment, as well as asset integrity and safety management in harsh environment.

Covid-19 Impact

Please note that we have limited access to lab facility during the pandemic. Dr. Duan's office phone will not be answered during the Pandemic.

To keep safe and healthy, please follow guidlines provided by health officials. Wash your hands, avoid contact, and wear a mask!


We always look for motivated students with strong background in thermal fluids to join our team. For Master and PhD studies please check the School of Graduate Studies website for admission requirements and application. Normally we only admit candidates who meet the SGS funding requirements (Level A, GPA > 80%). Preference will be given to students with thermal fluid research experience and previous publication records. Our research requires skills in experimentation, analytical or numerical modeling on heat transfer, multiphase flow, and nanofluids. The tools we use include PIV, infrared thermometry, and CFD tools such as Fluent, COMSOL, and Lattice Boltzmann methods. Interested candidates please send CV in PDF format to Dr. Duan. Note that only selected candicates will be contacted for an interview. Please don't send multiple inquiries .

Currently there is NO NEW Openings.


The 2021 CSME International Congress will be held at the University of Prince Edward Island from June 27-30, 2021. As a part of the conference, the Symposium on Advanced Energy Systems provides a unique platform to share knowledge advancements, cutting-edge research and innovative industrial applications among researchers and industry experts. Researchers in the field of energy systems (conventional and renewable) are invited to submit an abstract or full-length paper of their work for presentation at the conference. The deadline for submission is January 15, 2021. More details are provided in the attached call for papers.

April 2021. Congratulations to Haseeb for early finishing of his MEng program and starting professional career in Vancouver!

January 2021. Our group received OFI Seed Fund to develop hybrid icing protection technology for offshore structures and marine vessels in cold regions.

January 2021. Congratulations to Abbas for finishing his MEng program with two major journal publications (one research paper featured on the cover of CES)!

November 2020. Congratulations to Daniel Eastvedt on winning the Honorable Mention award for his presentation on the Annual Research Day.

November 2020. Dr. Duan is elected as the Chair of the CSME Technical Committee on Advanced Energy System.

October 2020. Congratulations to Haseeb for joining the Lab2Market Program funded by Mitacs Accelerate Entrepreneur and Springboard Atlantic.

October 2020. Dr. Duan is selected to serve as a Member of the NSERC Mechanical Engineering Scholarships and Fellowships Committee.

September 2020, welcome new Master student Andrew Sullivan to our research team. Andrew will be working on a hybrid anti-icing technique.

September 2020, welcome new Master student Shahram Moradi to the research team. Shahram will be working on modeling of droplet dynamics and icing on superhydrophobic surface.

September 2020, welcome new Master student Elaheh Vaziri to our research team. Elaheh will be working on adsorptive surfaces for oil spill treatment.

August 2020. Congratulations to undergraduate research assistant Sumit Sharma for wining the Mitacs Research Training Award.

June 2020, Congratulations to Khalifa for finishing his PhD program. Best luck Dr. Alrbee in your postdoctoral work at Memorial!

May 2020, Congratulations to Xin for finishing his PhD program. Xin will be an Assistant Professor at the China University of Petroleum. Best luck Dr. Zhang!

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