Engineering 6806 Teams

The Teams are:

Cassie Burt
Tara Feener
Kinsley Gifford
Donald Hawco
Andrew Myrden
Kenneth Smith
Kenneth Evoy
Michael Janes
Jiaxin Liu
Evan Oliver
Chris Squibb
Jonathan Whelan
Adam Noel
Andrew Osmond
Caryn Phillips
Jesse Saunders
Aaron Skinner
David Winsor
Sarah Flynn
Joshua Gorner
Eun-Sol Lee
David Lewis
Tamara O'Connell
Benjamin Scaplen
Jon Matchem
Jeffrey Roche
Stephen Thistle
Peter Vandrish
Lei Weng
Jiuchuan Zhang
David Bartlett
Chris Conway
Robert Cove
Jeff King
Matthew Seymour
Adam Sheppard
1. About team names: The above team names are (obviously) arbitrarily assigned. You may choose your own team name under the following constraints:


The captains (bold above) have the following duties, all but the first of which they may delegate to other team members:

  1. To participate in the team draft process as described above.
  2. To submit weekly team timesheets ( details).
  3. To act as a contact point for the team.

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