Engineering 7803/4 Projects

IdTitle (click for description)ClientRolesSupervisor
1 Computer Forensic Investigation Tools Jacques Boucher, RCMP3-4 CoEDennis Peters
2 Spectrum Sensing and Awareness for Emerging Cognitive Radio Systems Octavia Dobre, Mohamed Ahmed3-4 CoE or EEOctavia Dobre, Mohamed Ahmed
3 Software Development for Microwave Navigation Radar Application Weimin Huang3-4 CoE or EEWeimin Huang
4 Bowl Manufacturing Apprentice Daryl Pike3-4 CoE or EET.B.D.
5 Hexapod Robot Daryl Pike3-4 CoE or EET.B.D.
6 PLAY 2011. Programming Languages and Youngsters Theo Norvell, Michael Bruce-Lockhart3-4 CoETheo Norvell
7 Implementation of a vehicle control system for an Autonomous Surface Craft Autonomous Ocean Systems Lab3-4 EE/CoERalf Bachmayer
8 DC power distribution in a house and potential energy savings Tariq Iqbal3 EETariq Iqbal
9 Design a passive house for Newfoundland Tariq Iqbal3 EETariq Iqbal
10 Energy plan for Newfoundland Tariq Iqbal3 EETariq Iqbal
11 Circuit Design and Design Automation for Analog and Mixed-Signal VLSI Systems Lihong Zhang2 EE, 3 EE/CoELihong Zhang
12 Development of Microprocessors Labs Lihong Zhang, Cheng Li and Dennis Peters3 EE/CoELihong Zhang and Cheng Li
13 Design of a High Speed Self-Synchronizing Encryption System Howard Heys3 CoEHoward Heys
14 Synchronous Condenser Operating Mode for Hydro Electric Generators John Pardy and Jeremy Decker, Newfoundland Power3-5 EE/CoET.B.D.
15 Electronic Load System for Renewable Power Applications Martin Ordonez3 EE/CoEMartin Ordonez
16 Embedded Fuel Cell Simulator Martin Ordonez3 EE/CoEMartin Ordonez
17 Procedural Generation of 3D Art for Games SourceStudio3 CoEDennis Peters
18 BEAMO - Beam Simulator Stephen Bruneau3 CoET.B.D.
19 Kubkar Electronics Stephen Bruneau3 EE/CoET.B.D.
20 Retail Ice thickness Sensor for Level Ice Use Safety Stephen Bruneau3 EE/CoET.B.D.
21 Multichannel Wireless Remote Entry System Dennis Peters3 EE/CoEDennis Peters


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