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Engr 7893 Software Engineering. Project Page.

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  • Assignment 0 Simulator Design (PDF)
  • Assignment 1 Simulator Implementation and Test suit. (PDF)
  • Assignment 2 Remaining Deliverables (PDF).


  • Revsion 2 (PDF)
  • Errata to bring Revision 0 to Revision 2. (PDF)
  • Extra requirements for Java Revision 1 (Revised June 11) (PDF)
  • Some calculations on player movement (PDF).

Documentation of the instructor supplied packages:

  • C++ version. Revision 1, May 24 (PDF)
  • Java version Revison 2, Revised June 11  (PDF)

Test results

  • Test results as of July 13 (PDF).  Team Orange will be tested later, so the results so far are tentative.
  • Tests: Here are the tests ruled valid by Ray. (Well, actually there is one called BigCrunch that Ray hasn't ruled on yet). It would be good if all simulators pass all these tests + all my tests. (July 13 ZIP)

The SoccerTools Code

  • Java (Release 8 ZIP
    • Release 8 June 20
      • Fixed the preclipping of zoomed player and a few problems with test cases.
    • Release 7 June 19
      • Fixed test_case_player_move_straight and a couple of others.
      • Added method send_arbitrary_request to Client_commander. This lets you send any string you want in place of a control request.
      • The text area of sim_tester is cleared at the start of each game.
    • Release 6 June 19
      • Fixed player_hits_ball1
      • Changed all test cases to use sufficiently_equal instead of check_equal. This routine doesn't terminate the test case right away if an equality test fails.
    • Release 5. June 18
      • Added some new test cases.
      • Resolved all known issues with test cases and other parts of Soccer Tools.
    • Release 4. June 15
      • Added some new test cases.
      • Fixed a few old test cases.
    • Release 3. June 11
      • Added packages sim_tester and test_cases. See README.sim_tester.txt.
    • Release 2, June 11
      • Added SoccerFactory interface.
      • Moved constants WEST and EAST to Server_network_interface.
    • Release 1
      • Added interfaces.Simulator_main_class and interfaces.Client_main_class.
      • Faster game-view display.
      • Better looking field.
      • Fixed the port dialog to have the right set of colours.
      • Most important: The port dialog is now colour coded!.
    • Release 0
      • Initial release
  • C++  (Release 1 ZIP) (Note release 0 was misnamed release 1. This is release 1.)
    • Release 1 June 11
      • Fixed a few bugs in the SoccerView class.
    • Release 0
      • Initial release
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