Dr. Xili Duan is leading a Thermal Fluids and Energy Research Team in the Mechanical Engineering Department at Memorial University. We conduct fundamental research in thermodynamics, fluid mechanics and heat transfer, with applications in energy systems. We have particular interests in phase change heat transfer (such as boiling, freezing and melting), multiphase flow (including nanofluids), and thermal hydraulic dynamics at the solid-liquid interface. The applications include thermal (including solar thermal) energy storage, thermal management, flow assurance in subsea pipelines, oil-water-gas separation equipment, as well as asset integrity and safety management in harsh environment. Some details of our current research can be found on the research page.


We always look for motivated students with strong background in thermal fluids to join our team. For Master and PhD studies please check the School of Graduate Studies website for admission requirements and application. Normally we only admit candidates who meet the SGS funding requirements (GPA > 80%). Preference will be given to students with thermal fluid research experience and previous publication records. Our research requires skills in experimentation, analytical or numerical modeling on heat transfer, multiphase flow, and nanofluids. The tools we use include PIV, infrared thermometry, and CFD tools such as Fluent, COMSOL, and Lattice Boltzmann methods. Interested candidates please send CV in PDF format to Dr. Duan.

Recent News

October 2017, Dr. Duan received NSERC Engage Grant to conduct research on “Thermal Energy Recovery and Storage for Sewage Treatment Plants”.

October 2017, Welcome to new visiting student Daqian Zhang to join our group. He will work on inverse heat transfer analysis with liquid-solid phase change.

October 2017, Welcome to new visiting student Runfeng Li to join our group. He will work on composite phase change materials with ceramic porous media.

September 2017, Dr. Duan attended “Generation Energy” roundtable discussion with Minister of Natural Resources Jim Carr to discuss the future of energy in Canada, St. John’s.

September, 2017, Welcome to new PhD student Ahmed Mohamed to join our group. He will work on flow drag reduction with superhydrophobic surface.

July 2017, Congradulations to Xin for pubulishing “Experimental correlation of gas-liquid-solid mass transfer coefficients in a stirred tank using response surface methodology” to Heat and Mass Transfer.

June 2017, Our group’s research on liquid repellent surface is featured on the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science Annual Research Report.

April 2017, Congradulations to Cong for pubulishing “A new calculation method of dynamic kill fluid density variation during deep water drilling" to Mathematical Problems in Engineering.

April 2017, Cong and Dr. Duan attended the 2nd Thermal and Fluid Engineering Conference (TFEC) and 4th International Workshop on Heat Transfer (IWHT), Las Vegas, 2017. Dr. Duan was also Session Organizer and chair.

April 2017, Mechanical Engineering’s Thermal Fluid Research Group received NSERC RTI fund for “Laser Doppler Anemometry to Study Multiphase Flow and Phase Change”.

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