About The Competition

The Great Northern Concrete Toboggan Race (GNCTR) is the largest student run, engineering competition in Canada. The annual competition includes a technical exhibit, presentations and multiple racing events spanning over a five day period. On race day, team's are judged on various aspects of their toboggan such as their speed, steering & braking design in a slalom race and can compete in the ultimate King of the Hill tournament.

Dating back to 1975, the adaption of the American Concrete Canoe Race brings together 450+ engineering students from technical institutions across Canada and the United States. Students are given the opportunity to apply and develop their skills in design, creativity, technical writing, networking and management.

To stay up to date with GNCTR 2020, check out the website for more information.


About The Team

The team has participated in two Concrete Toboggan Competitions and are continously looking to improve upon their performance year after year.

At GNCTR 2019, the team successfully raced down the hill in all three races which was a great accomplishment for the team and a significant improvement in their performance from GNCTR 2018. The team was proud to bring home one trophy after being awarded the "Best Technical Display".

The team is currently preparing for GNCTR 2020 that will be held January 29 - February 2, 2020 in Toronto, Ontario.

To learn more on what students can be involved with by joining this team, check out the following! GNCTR 2019-Recruitment Presentation