Cryptographic Hardware and Communications Security Research

Principal Investigator: Dr. Howard Heys

The principle focus of the research is the design, analysis, and implementation of cryptographic algorithms or ciphers, as well as the consideration of the application of cryptography to communication networks. The objective of the work is the establishment of the underlying principles in the construction of efficient, secure ciphers that can be easily tailored to suit a number of application environments. Most notably, a recent focus of the research has been the hardware design and implementation of lightweight symmetric key ciphers resistant to side channel attacks and other forms of cryptanalysis. As well, the study of cryptographic schemes applied to various communication networks, ranging from wireless sensor networks to broadband networks has also been a recent focus.

Research collaborators include: Dr. R. Venkatesan , Dr. Cheng Li , Dr. Theo Norvell , Dr. Lihong Zhang , and Dr. Cecilia Moloney.

Much of the recent work involving the hardware implementation of ciphers is supported by CMC Microsystems.

Electronic versions of most full papers are available online: [Publications]

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