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One of the great pleasures of my job is mentoring students. Below is a (thus far incomplete) list of the students I've supervised as graduate, undergraduate, or employment supervisor.

Note to students: If I supervised you and you are not on the list, let me know. If you are on this list, please drop me a line letting me know what you are doing now or to correct any information that is wrong. If you are on this list, but want to be removed, let me know that.

[All names are in the order given names first, family name last.]

Present Students

Rani Gnanaolivu. PhD, co-supervised by R. Venkatesan.

Yan Hao. Master of Engineering, co-supervised by Lihong Zhang. Also Masters of Applied Science with me, 2008.

Stephen Motty. Master of Engineering.

Fazilatunnessa (Saimon). Master of Engineering, co-supervised with Dennis Peters.

Past Students

Shuang Wu. Master of Engineering 2011. Also Master of Applied Science, 2008. Worked on generation of data flow graphs from programs and on verification of parallel programs.

Cong Chen. Master of Applied Science, 2010. Worked on PLAY, a graphical programming language for kids.

Ye Li. Master of Applied Science, 2010. Worked on an editor and simulator for state charts.

Brian Kidney. Master of Engineering, 2010, co-supervised with Howard Heys. Worked on cryptanalysis of some interesting cipher. As of 2011, working at MUN as a project supervisor.

Leila Mofarah-Fathi. Master of Engineering, 2010. Worked on algorithmic schemes. As of 2011, working as a software engineer for AMD.

Tara Feener. Bachelor of Engineering, 2009. Worked on PLAY, a graphical programming language for kids. Went on to work for Adobe in the user experience group.

Joshua Gorner. Bachelor of Engineering, 2009, co-supervised by Orland Hoeber. Worked on Pikit, a social networking site for finding useful stuff near by. Went on to graduate work at University of Waterloo.

[Still under construction. Yet to do 1995 to 2008.]