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Packages that use GameOverException Test code for the Play state 
ctf.evaluation.simulator.responses Replies that the simulator may send us 

Uses of GameOverException in

Methods in that throw GameOverException
 void PlayerPositions.testDefaultPlacement()
          Ensure that players are placed in default locations and orientations
protected  void PlayTestCase.turnTo(Connection connection, Side side, int player, double turnTo)
          Turn a player to a heading

Uses of GameOverException in ctf.evaluation.simulator.responses

Constructors in ctf.evaluation.simulator.responses that throw GameOverException
StateResponse(Connection connection)

Uses of GameOverException in ctf.evaluation.simulator.setup

Methods in ctf.evaluation.simulator.setup that throw GameOverException
 void PlaceFlag.testNormalPlacement()
          Flags are placed in default locations
 void PlaceFlag.testUnplacedFlag()
          If a team's flag has not been placed, the other team should still be able to poll for the current game state; the game time will just be 0.