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Packages that use Side
game Contains parts of the soccer game that are shared between teams and simulators. Network interface abstraction layer. 
game.protocol Implementation of the SCORE protocol. 
simulator.model Interface to concrete simulator models, which represent the state of the SOCCER game and implements the physical simulation. 
simulator.model.debug A trivial implementation of the required simulator model interfaces for debugging purposes. 
team Top level for running teams. 
team.debug A simple implementation of the team for debugging purposes. 

Uses of Side in game

Methods in game that return Side
static Side Side.fromOrdinal(int o)
          Construct a Side from an ordinal number
static Side Side.valueOf(java.lang.String name)
          Returns the enum constant of this type with the specified name.
static Side[] Side.values()
          Returns an array containing the constants of this enum type, in the order they are declared.

Uses of Side in

Methods in that return Side
 Side Team.getSide()

Methods in with parameters of type Side
 void SCORESimulator.gameOver(Side result)
 void INetSimulator.gameOver(Side result)
          Inform teams that the game is over and who won.
 Reply SCORETeam.initGame(Side prefSide)
 void Team.setSide(Side side)

Uses of Side in game.protocol

Fields in game.protocol declared as Side
protected  Side ControlRequest.mSide

Methods in game.protocol that return Side
 Side EndRequest.getResult()
 Side WantSideRequest.getSide()
 Side OnSideReply.getSide()
          Which side is assigned to this team
 Side ControlRequest.getSide()
 Side EndReply.getWinner()

Methods in game.protocol with parameters of type Side
 CartesianVect AllReply.getPlayerPosition(Side t, int p)
 PolarVect AllReply.getPlayerVelocity(Side t, int p)
 int GoalReply.getScore(Side t)
          Get the new score for a team
 boolean AllReply.isPlayerInGame(Side t, int p)
 void ControlRequest.setSide(Side side)

Constructors in game.protocol with parameters of type Side
EndReply(Side winner)
EndRequest(Side result)
OnSideReply(Side t)
WantSideRequest(Side prefSide)

Uses of Side in simulator.model

Methods in simulator.model with parameters of type Side
 void ISimulatorNet.accelerate(Side side, int p, double a)
          Sets the acceleration for the player
 CartesianVect ISimulatorView.getPlayerPosition(Side t, int p)
          The position of a particular player.
 PolarVect ISimulatorView.getPlayerVelocity(Side t, int p)
          The orientation of a particular player.
 Student ISimulatorView.getTeamName(Side t)
          The name of each team.
 int ISimulatorView.getTeamScore(Side t)
          The number of goals scored by each team.
 Reply ISimulatorTeam.initGame(Side prefSide)
          Protocol sequence to initialize game.
 boolean ISimulatorView.isPlayerInGame(Side t, int p)
          Is the player in play
 void ISimulatorNet.kick(Side side, int p, double v, double alpha)
          Updates field data in response to a kick request
 void ISimulatorNet.placePlayer(Side side, int p, CartesianVect l)
          places player at given coordinates
 void ISimulatorNet.spin(Side side, int p, double av)
          Sets angular velocity for the player

Uses of Side in simulator.model.debug

Methods in simulator.model.debug with parameters of type Side
 void SMfacade.accelerate(Side side, int p, double a)
 CartesianVect SMfacade.getPlayerPosition(Side t, int p)
 PolarVect SMfacade.getPlayerVelocity(Side t, int p)
 Student SMfacade.getTeamName(Side t)
 int SMfacade.getTeamScore(Side t)
 boolean SMfacade.isPlayerInGame(Side t, int p)
 void SMfacade.kick(Side side, int p, double v, double alpha)
 void SMfacade.placePlayer(Side side, int p, CartesianVect l)
 void SMfacade.spin(Side side, int p, double av)

Uses of Side in team

Methods in team with parameters of type Side
 void ITeam.start(Side prefSide)
          Start a game.

Uses of Side in team.debug

Methods in team.debug with parameters of type Side
 void TeamControllerUI.setSide(Side side)
 void TeamMain.start(Side prefSide)