Uses of Class

Packages that use Reply Network interface abstraction layer. 
game.protocol Implementation of the SCORE protocol. 
simulator.model Interface to concrete simulator models, which represent the state of the SOCCER game and implements the physical simulation. 

Uses of Reply in

Methods in that return Reply
 Reply SCORETeam.accelerate(int t, int p, double a)
 Reply SCORETeam.end()
 Reply SCORETeam.getGameData()
 Reply SCORETeam.initGame(Side prefSide)
 Reply SCORETeam.kick(int t, int p, double v, double alpha)
 Reply SCORETeam.place_ball(int t, CartesianVect l)
 Reply SCORETeam.place_player(int t, int p, CartesianVect l)
 Reply SCORETeam.quit()
 Reply SCORETeam.set_time(int t, int newT)
 Reply SCORETeam.spin(int t, int p, double av)

Uses of Reply in game.protocol

Subclasses of Reply in game.protocol
 class AllReply
          Normal reply from simulator to "all?" request.
 class ControlReply
          Normal response from a control request.
 class EndReply
          Reply indicating that the game is over.
 class GoalReply
          The first reply after a goal has been scored.
 class OnSideReply
          Informs team which side it is playing on.
 class QuitReply
          Indicates that the game is shutting down.
 class ResetReply
          First reply after a game reset.
 class SOCCER2008Reply

Methods in game.protocol that return Reply
static Reply Reply.factory(java.lang.String msg)
          Factory for all replies.

Uses of Reply in simulator.model

Methods in simulator.model that return Reply
 Reply ISimulatorTeam.accelerate(int t, int p, double a)
          Send accelerate control request.
 Reply ISimulatorTeam.end()
          Instruct simulator to abort the game.
 Reply ISimulatorTeam.getGameData()
          Send all feedback request.
 Reply ISimulatorTeam.initGame(Side prefSide)
          Protocol sequence to initialize game.
 Reply ISimulatorTeam.kick(int t, int p, double v, double alpha)
          Send kick control request.
 Reply ISimulatorTeam.place_ball(int t, CartesianVect l)
          Send place_ball control request.
 Reply ISimulatorTeam.place_player(int t, int p, CartesianVect l)
          Send place_player control request.
 Reply ISimulatorTeam.quit()
          Instruct the simulator to disconnect and shut down.
 Reply ISimulatorTeam.set_time(int t, int newT)
          Send set_time control request.
 Reply ISimulatorTeam.spin(int t, int p, double av)
          Send spin control request.