Uses of Interface

Packages that use CartesianVect Network interface abstraction layer. 
game.protocol Implementation of the SCORE protocol. 
simulator.model Interface to concrete simulator models, which represent the state of the SOCCER game and implements the physical simulation. 
simulator.model.debug A trivial implementation of the required simulator model interfaces for debugging purposes. 

Uses of CartesianVect in

Methods in with parameters of type CartesianVect
 Reply SCORETeam.place_ball(int t, CartesianVect l)
 Reply SCORETeam.place_player(int t, int p, CartesianVect l)

Uses of CartesianVect in game.protocol

Classes in game.protocol that implement CartesianVect
(package private)  class CartesianCoord

Methods in game.protocol that return CartesianVect
 CartesianVect AllReply.getBallPosition()
 CartesianVect PlaceBallRequest.getLocation()
 CartesianVect PlacePlayerRequest.getLocation()
 CartesianVect AllReply.getPlayerPosition(Side t, int p)

Constructors in game.protocol with parameters of type CartesianVect
PlaceBallRequest(int t, CartesianVect l)
PlacePlayerRequest(int t, int p, CartesianVect l)

Uses of CartesianVect in simulator.model

Classes in simulator.model that implement CartesianVect
 class SMVector
          Vector manipulation class that implements both PolarVect and CartesianVect interfaces.

Methods in simulator.model that return CartesianVect
 CartesianVect ISimulatorView.getBallPosition()
 CartesianVect ISimulatorView.getPlayerPosition(Side t, int p)
          The position of a particular player.

Methods in simulator.model with parameters of type CartesianVect
 Reply ISimulatorTeam.place_ball(int t, CartesianVect l)
          Send place_ball control request.
 Reply ISimulatorTeam.place_player(int t, int p, CartesianVect l)
          Send place_player control request.
 void ISimulatorNet.placeBall(CartesianVect l)
          placeBall places ball at given coordinates
 void ISimulatorNet.placePlayer(Side side, int p, CartesianVect l)
          places player at given coordinates

Uses of CartesianVect in simulator.model.debug

Methods in simulator.model.debug that return CartesianVect
 CartesianVect SMfacade.getBallPosition()
 CartesianVect SMfacade.getPlayerPosition(Side t, int p)

Methods in simulator.model.debug with parameters of type CartesianVect
 void SMfacade.placeBall(CartesianVect l)
 void SMfacade.placePlayer(Side side, int p, CartesianVect l)