Department of Civil Engineering

Bing Chen, Ph.D., P.Eng.


UArctic Chair in Marine and Coastal Environmental Engineering
Professor in Environmental Engineering, Department of Civil Engineering
Associate Dean Graduate Studies, Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science

Director, Northern Region Persistent Organic Pollution Control Laboratory (NRPOP Lab)
Director, Network on Persistent, Emerging, and Organic PoLlution in the Environment (PEOPLE Network);
                    and NSERC PEOPLE CREATE Network

Fellow, Canadian Academy of Engineering
Fellow, Engineering Institute of Canada
Fellow, Canadian Society for Civil Engineering
Member, Royal Society of Canada (College)
Member, European Academy of Sciences and Arts

Memorial University of Newfoundland
240 Prince Phillip Drive, St. John's, NL A1B 3X5, Canada
Tel: (709) 864-8958, E-mail:

Scholarly Productions Total
Books 4
Refereed Journal Articles 170+
Book Chapters, Editorial/Magazine Articles & Theses 30
Conference Proceeding Articles and Abstracts 240+
Technical Reports and Other Non-Refereed Publications 59
TOTAL 500+

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Selected Publications (in the past 6 years)

Refereed Journal Publications

Saeed MS*, Halim SZ, Fahd F, Khan F, Sadiq R, Chen B (2022). An ecotoxicological risk model for the microplastics in Arctic waters. Environmental Pollution. 315 (2022): 120417. link

Liu B*, Chen B, Ling JJ*, Matchinsky E*, Ye XD*, Gong GH*, Wu F*, Lee K, Isaacman M, Potter S, Hynes B*, Zhang BY (2022) On-site decanting as an oil spill response tool: potentials and challenges, Journal of Hazardous Materials. 2022:129340. link

Dong G*, Chen B, Liu B*, Hounjet LJ, Cao YQ*, Stoyanov SR, Yang M*, Zhang B (2022). Advanced Oxidation Processes in Microreactors for Water and Wastewater Treatment: Development, Challenges, and Opportunities. Water Research. 211: 118047. link

Cao Y*, Kang Q*, Zhang B, Zhu Z*, Dong G*, Cai Q*, Lee K, Chen B (2022). Machine learning-aided causal inference for unraveling chemical dispersant and salinity effects on crude oil biodegradation. Bioresource Technology. 345: 126468. link

Li XX*, Gu WW*, Chen B, Xin XY*, Kang Q*, Yang M*, Li Y, Zhang BY (2022) Insights into Toxicity of Polychlorinated Naphthalenes to Multiple Human Endocrine Receptors: Mechanism and Health Risk Analysis. Environmental International. 165 (2022): 107291 link

Wang Z*, Chen H, Zhu ZW*, Xing SF, Wang SG, Chen B (2022) Low-temperature straw biochar: Sustainable approach for sustaining higher survival of B. megaterium and managing phosphorus deficiency in the soil. Science of the Total Environment. 830 (2022): 154790. link

Song X*, Chen B, Liu B*, Lye LM, Ye XD*, Nyantekyi-Kwakye B, Zhang B (2021). Impacts of Frazil Ice on the Effectiveness of Oil Dispersion and Migration of Dispersed Oil. Environmental Science & Technology. 56(2): 835–844. link

Yang M*, Zhang B, Xin X*, Liu B*, Zhu Z*, Dong G*, Zhao Y, Lee K, Chen B (2021). Microplastic-oil-dispersant agglomerates in the marine environment: Formation mechanism and impact on oil dispersion. Journal of Hazardous Materials. 426: 127825. link

Kang Q*, Song X*, Xin X, Chen B, Chen Y*, Ye XD*, Zhang B (2021). Machine Learning-Aided Causal Inference Framework for Environmental Data Analysis: A COVID-19 Case Study. Environmental Science & Technology. 55(19): 13400-13410. link

Li XX*, Zhao YY*, Chen B, Zhu Z*, Kang Q*, Husain T, Zhang B (2021). Inhalation and ingestion of Synthetic musks in pregnant women: In silico spontaneous abortion risk evaluation and control. Environment International. 158: 106911. link

Ye XD*, Chen B, Lee K, Storesund R, Li P*, Zhang BY., Kang Q* (2021). An emergency response system by dynamic simulation and enhanced particle swarm optimization and application for a marine oil spill accident. Journal of Cleaner Production. 297:126591. link

Zeng GN*, You H, Du M, Zhang Y, Ding Y, Xu C, Liu B*, Chen B, Pan X (2021). Enhancement of photocatalytic activity of TiO2 by immobilization on activated carbon for degradation of aquatic naphthalene under sunlight irradiation. Chemical Engineering Journal. 412:128498. link

Yang M*, Chen B, Xin XY*, Song X*, Liu JB, Dong GH*, Lee K, Zhang BY (2020). Interactions between microplastics and oil dispersion in the marine environment. Journal of Hazardous Materials. 403 (2021): 123944. link

Liu B*, Chen B, Zhang BY, Lee K, Zeng GN*. (2020). Photocatalytic ozonation of offshore produced water by TiO2 nanotube arrays coupled with UV-LED irradiation and the effect of halide on the treatment efficiency: degradation pathways and effluent toxicity. Journal of Hazardous Materials. 402 (15): 123456. link

Ye XD*, Chen B, Lee K, Storesund R, Zhang BY. (2020). An improved offshore oil spill response decision making method based on the integration of human factor analysis and fuzzy preference evaluation. Environmental Pollution. 262 (2020): 114294. link

Ye XD*, Chen B, Jing L*, Li P*. (2019). Multi-agent hybrid particle swarm optimization (MAHPSO) for wastewater treatment network planning. Journal of Environmental Management. 234. (2019): 525–536. link

Cai QH*, Zhu ZW*, Chen B, Zhang BY, Nedwed T. (2018). Oil-in-water emulsion breaking marine bacteria for demulsifying oily wastewater. Water Research. 149:292-301. link

Li ZL*, Chen B, Wu HJ*, Ye XD*, Zhang BY. (2017). A hybrid stochastic-design of experiment aided parameterization method for modeling aquifer NAPL contaminations. Environmental Modelling and Software. 101: 183-193. link

Pi YR*, Chen B, Bao MT, Fang FQ, Cai QH*, Lv Z*, Zhang, BY. (2017). Microbial degradation of four crude oil by biosurfactant producing strain Rhodococcus. sp.. Bioresource Technology. 232: 263-269. link

Li P*, Cai QH*, Lin WY*, Chen B, Zhang BY. (2016). Offshore oil spill response practices and emerging challenges. Marine Pollution Bulletin. 110(1): 6-27. link

Jing L*, Chen B, Zhang BY, Li P*. (2015). Process simulation and dynamic control for marine oily wastewater treatment using UV irradiation. Water Research. 81:101–112. link


Lee K, Boufadel M, Chen B, Foght J, Hodson P, Swanson S, Venosa A. (2015). The Behaviour and Environmental Impacts of Crude Oil Released into Aqueous Environments. Royal Society of Canada, Ottawa, ON. ISBN: 978-1-928140-02-3. link

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