Graduate Courses:

  • ENGI9865 Advanced Digital Systems (The Cadence Digital IC products (NC-Sim) are used in the labs and student projects.)
  • ENGI9868 ASIC Design(Graduate) (The Cadence products have been used in student projects.)
  • ENGI9801 Computer Engineering Project (Graduate) (The Cadence products have been used in student projects.)

    Undergraduate Courses:

  • ENGI5865 Digital Systems Design (The Cadence Digial IC products (NC-Sim) are used in the labs.)
  • ENGI8863 Introduction to LSI Design (The Cadence products have been used in the labs.)

    Research Areas:

  • VLSI design automation
  • High-speed Switch Fabric Design for Broadband Communications
  • Reconfigurable Archietcture for High-speed Data Applications

    Research Investigators:

  • Dr. Paul Gillard: VLSI design, computer architecture, computer graphics
  • Dr. Howard Heys: Computer and communications security; cryptology; communications networks and protocols
  • Dr. Cheng Li: Multicast switch fabric design for broadband packet switching networks; digital hardware
  • Dr. Theodore Norvell: Programming methodology & languages; formal methods in software engineering and digital systems
  • Dr. Ramachandran Venkatesan: Parallel processing architectures and applications; broadband communications; fault-tolerant computing
  • Dr. Lihong Zhang: Low Power and Low Voltage VLSI Design

    Graduate Students [Existing]:

  • Zijun Gong: Ph.D. Candidate, Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks Research
  • Fan Jiang: Ph.D. Candidate, Vehicular Ad Hoc and Sensor Network Research
  • Jian Lian: M.Eng. Candidate, Vehicular Ad Hoc Sensor Network Research
  • Chen Wang : Ph.D. Candidate, Cryptography for communications
  • Yi Zhang : Ph.D. Candidate, Cognitive Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Ruoyu Su : Ph.D.. Candidate, Energy Efficient Algorithms for Wireless Sensor Networks.
  • Chuck Rumbolt : M.Eng. Candidate, Ultra-Wide Band System Research
  • Jingwen Zhu : M.Eng. Candidate, Signal Processing for Optical Transportation Network Research
  • David Bonell : M.Eng. Candidate, Reconfigurable DSP Processors
  • Anurada : M.Eng. Candidate, Network Processors
  • Xi Chen : Ph.D. Candidate, Cognitive Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks
  • Bian Tao : M.Eng. Candidate, Wireless Sensor Networks

    Graduate Students [Graduated]:

  • Jie Chen : M.Eng.
  • Hongfei Wang : M.Eng.
  • Padmini Vellore : Ph.D.
  • Zehua Wang : M.Eng.
  • Jiasi Kong : B.Eng.
  • Wei Song : B.Eng.
  • Pu Wang : M.Eng.
  • Weihua Gao : M.Eng.
  • Tianqi Wang : M.Eng.
  • Ling Wu : M.Eng.
  • Namin Yu : M.Eng.
  • Andrew House : M.Eng.
  • Atiq Awan : M.Eng.
  • Cheng Li : Ph.D.
  • Fang Yang : M.Eng.
  • Padmini Vellore : M.Eng.
  • Lu Xiao : Ph.D.
  • Jason Rhinalander : M.Eng.
  • Yaser Nawaz : M.Eng.
  • Andrew Cook : M.Eng.
  • Wu Dongmei : M.Eng.
  • Sone Wei : M.Eng.
  • Yaer El-Sayed : Ph.D.

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