Memorial University of Newfoundland - Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science
Engineering 9865 Advanced Digital System

Winter 2016

Instructor: Cheng Li, EN-4012, 864-8972,

Please note that the notes will be updated continuously.
0. Mini-Project Lab Requirement pdf file
1. ModelSim Tutorial pdf file
2. Chapter 1: Introduction to Digital Logic and Digital System Notes in .pdf
3. Chapter 2: Basic Features of VHDL Notes in .pdf
4. Chapter 3: Digital System Design and Design Methodology and Minimization Techniques Notes in .pdf
5. Chapter 4: Programmable Logic Devices Notes in .pdf
8. Chapter 7(I): Deal With Asynchronous Boundaries Notes in .pdf
9. Chapter 8(II): Deal With Asynchronous Boundaries (Specifications) Notes in .pdf
6. Chapter 5: Digital System Testing Notes in .pdf
7. Chapter 6: Reliability, Transmission Line Effects, Noise in Digital Systems Notes in .pdf
9. Chapter 10: Desgin Example: MIPS R2000 Processor Notes in .pdf

Last updated on Jan 6, 2016.