For the presentation component you are to prepare and deliver a 20 minute presentation on one of the following topics. Your presentation must include appropriate citations to authoritative sources and, where appropriate, a bibliography of additional sources so that the reader can learn more. Your presentation (PDF or PPT) must be submitted to me on the day that you present, and will be posted on the web page.

Presentation Schedule

The scheduled 20 minutes per presentation includes time for questions and answers. All presentations are in EN1000.
Wed. Oct. 28 14:00 Nikhil Bhatia Rational Unified Process
14:20 Adam Parsons Cleanroom
14:40 Chad Levesque Extreme Programming
15:00 Nicholas Butt Design Patterns
15:20 Shawn Josey Anti-Patterns
15:40 Alex Conrad Aspect-oriented programming
16:00 Andrew Butt Functional Programming
16:20 James Anderson Literate Programming
16:40 Philip O'Keefe Logic Programming
Thu. Oct. 29 12:00 Robert Lockyer The Mythical Man-Month
12:20 Andrew Carter Software Verification in Practice
Fri. Oct. 30 13:00 Adam Young Safety Critical Systems
13:20 Neil Evans Licensure for Software Engineers

Presentation Style Tips

The target audience is your classmates, so you should do your best to make your presentation both interesting and informative to them. The presentation should be professional, but need not be too formal -- treat it as you would a presentation to your colleagues in the workplace (don't dress up, but choose appropriately from your normal work wardrobe).