Engineering 7893 Software Engineering

Instructor Dr. D. K. Peters
Lectures M, W, F 10:00-10:50 EN1051
Lab slot M 14:00-16:50 EN3076
Office hour Friday 15:00-16:00, or by appointment
T.A. Brian Kidney

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Detailed Schedule and Examples

The following is the tentative schedule of lectures and assignments for the term. Lecture topics may change slightly as the term progresses. Click an assignment to view it. Click on a topic to view printable form (Portable Document Format) of the class notes. These may not always be available in advance of the lectures and are not to be considered a substitute for attending class.

If you need information about the file formats, or instructions for downloading them check here.

#Date Deadline Topic Examples/Handouts
1M 05.06 Introduction Info. sheet, SOCCER Specification, Background survey
2W 05.08 Software Process
3F 05.09 Team selection
4M 05.13 Lifecycle Models
5W 05.15 Specification principles Context Free Grammars
6F 05.17 Soccer Tools Documentation
7M 05.20
8W 05.22 Applying UML and Patterns (video)
9F 05.24 Simulator Design
10M 05.27
Lab 3M 05.27 Simulator Design review meetings
11W 05.29 Verification & Validation Soccer Tools Source
12F 05.31 Class cancelled
13M 06.03 Simulator testing (Brian Kidney) Simulator Tester notes, Reference Simulator: jar file, readme.txt
14W 06.05 CVS (Dr. T. S. Norvell) wincvs.pdf
15F 06.07 Verification & Validation (cont'd)
16M 06.10
17W 06.12 Software Metrics
18F 06.14
19M 06.17 Simulator Implementation Dr. Norvell's notes on player movement
20W 06.19
21F 06.21
M 06.24 Mid-term break
W 06.26
22F 06.28 Presentation topic selection
M 07.01 Memorial Day Holiday
T 07.02 Controller design
23W 07.03
24Th. 07.04
Monday schedule
Lab 6Th. 07.04
25F 07.05
26M 07.08 Presentations Simulator test case source
Lab 7M 07.08 Controller Design review meetings
27W 07.10 Presentations (cont'd)
Th 07.11 2:00 - 5:00
28F 07.12
29M 07.15
30W 07.17
31F 07.19
32M 07.22
Lab 9M 07.22 Competition
33W 07.24
34F 07.26 Controller implementation, simulator re-release
35M 07.29 Final revised documents
36W 07.31
37F 08.02 Team assessment


There is no prescribed text for this course.



The project component is broken down as follows:
Simulator design25%
Simulator implementation / testing competition25%
Controller design20%
Controller implementation10%

Note that marks for design documents will be based on both the draft (May 24 and July 2) and final documents.

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